Lemon water: the benefits it brings us

The properties of lemon we already know are many and that they provide us with different benefits for our health , but by  drinking water with lemon (especially in the morning on an empty stomach) in addition to being incorporating antioxidants, B vitamins and minerals, we are contributing naturally many advantages that we can take advantage of. As always, we recommend you choose organic lemons , for their properties and for their benefits.

Here are some of the properties of lemon:

Lemon properties

1.- It favors the good digestion of food , thus avoiding heavy and slow digestions, bloating, poor absorption of nutrients, etc.

2.- Strengthens our immune system by making our defenses protect us against pathogenic bacteria and viruses

3.- It helps to eliminate liquids , due to its diuretic action.

4.- It makes us havehealthier, brighter skin with fewer impurities

5.- Lemon water helps us lose weight

6.- Combat constipation , since it promotes bowel movement and helps us go to the bathroom

7.- Improves respiratory system problems

8.- Helps to alkalize the pH of the blood

9.- Clean the small intestine

10.- It favors the functioning of the lymphatic system , which is responsible for the elimination of fat, waste and pathogens.

11.- Purifies the liver , a vital organ that participates in hundreds of functions in our body.

12.- It hydrates us, which is essential for the cells of our body to carry out their functions.

13.- Fight bad breath or halitosis

Lemon water helps us eliminate toxins from the body and this favors the recovery of conditions that may be suffered, such as joint pain, rheumatism or gout (hyperirukemia).

By stimulating the functioning of the immune system, lemon water helps us prevent infections and diseases. Something very beneficial in the season changes, to prevent colds and flu, urine infections, etc.

How to prepare lemon water

To prepare the water with lemon you simply need a glass with about 200 ml of water of the season and the juice of half a lemon. Don’t sweeten it with anything. If half a lemon is very strong at first, start by adding less lemon and little by little you increase it until you reach half a lemon.

How and when to drink lemon water

It is best to drink it little by little in the morning on an empty stomach for up to two weeks. Then rest for several days and you can take it again if you need it.

However, if for any reason you cannot take it on an empty stomach in the morning, you can take it 30 minutes before meals.

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