Linum suffruticosum, small plant whose white flowers manage to captivate

Linum suffruticosum  also known as White flax, White flax, Armed flax, Wild flax, Woody flax, Acute wild flax, Yerba sanjuanera or White flower flax . It belongs to the Linaceae family, originating from France, Italy, Spain, Algeria, North Africa, Tunisia and Morocco.

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The generic name is derived from the Greek ” Linon ” which is linked to yarn and refers to the fibrous qualities of the plant with which different textile products are made.

Characteristics of Linum suffruticosum

Evergreen plant that has stems of 5 to 40 cm, ascending, spreading, branching at the bottom.

The leaves are linear and with rolled margins.

The white flowers, which usually measure about 2 cm. It blooms in the spring and summer.

The fruit is a globose and apiculate capsule that opens into 10 valves and has numerous seeds.

Linum suffruticosum care

It is a specimen  that needs to be outdoors, in full sun so that it can thrive.

It is a plant that supports cold and frost (down to -4˚C).

As for the land, it must be universally cultivated, being indifferent to limestone and acid soils.

Irrigation should be done 3 times a week in the summer and every 4 days the rest of the year.

The fertilizer will be made at the beginning of spring and until the end of summer, with organic fertilizers (once a month).

The pests that could make it susceptible are aphids and snails.

It is propagated by means of seeds in the spring. Sowing is done directly on the seedbed.


Flaxseed oil is extracted from the seeds. While fabrics are made from its fibers.

Among the medicinal properties it is excellent for inflammations of the respiratory tract.

Images courtesy of:  Ettore Balocchi

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