Lolium perenne or English grass care

Lolium perenne  also known as Aballico, English Ryegrass, English Grass, Perennial Ray grass, English Grass, English Rye, Perennial Rye, Ballico or English Raygrass . It belongs to the grass family. It is native to Central and Southern Europe, Northwest Africa and Southwest Asia.

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Lolium perenne care

A brushy species found in almost all mixes. It reaches a size of 1 m high. Fine textured and dark green in color.

The stem is erect or bent at the nodes.

The leaf sheaths with conspicuous auricles towards the apex, smooth on the underside, opaque and rough on the upper surface.

It is a species that germinates quickly. Between 5 to 7 days after it has been sown.

It can last for 3 to 4 years even if you make frequent mowing. Ideally, mix with other perennial species with slow germination and development.

It adapts to cold climates or hot summers.

As for the terrain, it grows on all types of soils as long as they are not heavy. He prefers those that are moist and fertile,

To fertilize, it is necessary to add loose soil over the old soil and spread new seeds.

Pruning involves removing dry, brown stems to allow for vigorous growth.

It is considered a species of excellent summer and winter behavior.

But it is not adapted to drought, so moderate watering is important.

It resists salinity, cold and trampling very well. But it is not tolerant of shade.

As far as fungi are concerned, it is highly resistant to brown spot, rust and red thread.


  • Plant used in the creation of lawns and meadows, which resists cuts and trampling very well.
  • This perennial herb is highly digestible for ruminants and very valuable not only as pasture but also as silage and hay.
  • It is also used in sowing  to hide winter browning from the cold.
  • It is even used for golf courses or baseball fields.

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