Low maintenance trees and shrubs to beautify the garden

The easiest trees and shrubs to care for are the least demanding when they reach maturity. That way, find out which trees and shrubs are low-maintenance in the constitution of a garden and completely transform the scenic beauty of your outdoor landscape.

Trees and shrubs go a long way until they create the feeling of being part of the ornamentation of a garden . However, it is up to each owner to select the best varieties to be part of the landscape of a garden and make it the most beautiful and well cared for.

What are the main low maintenance trees and shrubs for a garden

Taking into account the number of species of trees and shrubs on the market, it is necessary to go to a specialized garden store to collect all the information about the low maintenance species that best suit a garden . Of the best known, the following are evident:

Amur Maple

This tree has dark green leaves that acquire an orange-red pigmentation during the autumn season. It is a tree that provides excellent shade and, at the same time, is adaptable to various soil conditions, preferring those that are more humid and well drained. It is a very viable option to place on a patio, pergola or porch and only needs to be watered with some regularity.

The Japanese berberis

It is a wonderful choice to add color to a given landscape. It is an easily maintained shrub that only needs to be pruned in the spring. Japanese berberis do best in places with high temperatures and dry soils and are widely used as hedges.

The birches

They add texture to a house and this is due to the variety of colors in their shells, ranging from gray to reddish brown. They are trees that need a huge sun exposure and an acid and moist soil to grow correctly. They are ideal trees to be used next to rivers, lakes or pools, as they contribute to an exclusive beautification of the landscape in summer or winter.

The Katsura tree

It is also an exceptional decorative element for any type of garden and this is due to the gracefulness of the heart shape of its leaves. Its style is unique and unmistakable and this type of tree is widely used in winter landscapes. It should be noted that this is a tree that needs to be in a hot and humid climate to grow and thrive.

Parrotia persica

Parrotia persica has a distinctive bark that produces an extraordinary autumn color. It is a tree that does well with high temperatures and is known to provide many shady places. Rich, well-drained soil is essential for this tree to grow. It is a tree very appreciated by all gardeners, since it can be used in the composition of a landscape throughout the year.

The Japanese rose

It is very popular due to the abundance of its yellow plants that add considerable beauty and light to a landscape. It is a low maintenance shrub that only needs regular pruning and fertilization. For this shrub to grow in the best possible conditions, it must be located in a shady place and the soil must be well drained.

Other low maintenance trees and shrubs

Other successful examples of low-maintenance trees and shrubs that beautify a garden are:

  • Oregon grape
  • Bamboo
  • Douglas Fir
  • Rough rose
  • Lace bush
  • Serbian Spruce
  • Bright Abelia
  • European carp
  • Fake Hinoki cypress
  • Japanese holly

Most of these low-maintenance trees and shrubs are part of the ideal garden setting, as they are not very prone to pests or diseases and that makes all the difference.

The main trees and shrubs to avoid in a garden

For a low maintenance landscape, there are several trees and shrubs that must be avoided. Although there are beautiful and spectacular species, some require a lot of care to be called low maintenance. For gardeners who have limited time to care for the landscape of a garden , it is advisable to avoid certain varieties. Of the main ones, the following stand out:

  • Norway Maple
  • Mimosa
  • Mulberry
  • Willow tree
  • Siberian elm
  • Poplar

The importance of pruning in the maintenance of trees and shrubs

Most of the care that is needed to keep trees and shrubs looking good is pruning – a task that is not always understood or well done. Pruning involves removing branches and wood that are diseased, damaged or growing in the wrong direction. If pruning is done for reasons other than those presented, it means that the tree or shrub is not in the most appropriate position. If pruning is not done properly, trees and shrubs may die. In this sense. and to prevent this, do a regular pruning of your trees and shrubs and make sure you are pruning them in the best way.

… And the use of fertilizers

As a rule, it is not necessary to fertilize the land on a regular basis for trees and shrubs to develop, however, it is advisable to do so so that they grow more quickly and to integrate better with the surrounding landscape. You can use organic fertilizers to make the soil as fertile as possible. The preparation and fertilization of a land involves placing a layer of fertilizer around the trees and shrubs and this action should always take place in the spring season, as this is when the best results are obtained.

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