Lunaria annua, whose fruits make it unique

Lunaria annua also known as  Silver Coins , Honesty , Judas Coins, Silk Flowers, Medal, Pope’s Coin, Silver Herb, Money Plant, Chinese Money or Mother of Pearl Herb. It is of the genus Lunaria that is integrated into the Cruciferous family, which is made up of 2 species of plants, annual and perennial. It is native to the Balkans and Southwest Asia.

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Characteristics of Lunaria annua

Plant that is usually one meter high and 30 cm wide , with a branched trunk and a pyramid-shaped bearing. The leaves are simple and serrated. The flowers have 4 petals, which appear in terminal clusters, 1.5 cm wide, of white or purple-pink color. The pods are flat, with a parchment and translucent surface. The fruits are oval, flat, silver in color that reveal the concise ones with seeds inside. Flowering takes place in the spring and summer.

Lunaria annua care

It is a species that is used in shady areas in green spaces, or in pots for terraces. The fruits are used as cut flowers. So for this, the outer membrane would have to be removed so that they have a unique ornamental effect.

They require a shade or semi-shade exposure and medium consistency.

As for irrigation, this should be moderate throughout the year, without allowing the soil to dry out completely.

The soil must have peat or high levels of acidity in order to have optimal crops. Not forgetting that they require good drainage.

The compost must be annual so that it can grow vigorously.

It multiplies by means of seeds sown in the final place in the spring. This should be 3 seeds together separating half a meter one group from another. They are buried and watered deeply. While other seeds can be placed in containers in a loam-based composite substrate, covered with sand and stored in a bright and warm place.

It is a plant very resistant to pests and diseases, it would only be necessary to avoid suffering from times of drought and very high humidity.

Did you know her? Do you like her? So do not hesitate to have it in the garden, since it will surely look very beautiful. What’s more, you can use the fruits indoors, since that silver color will stand out very well.

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