Machinery for the maintenance of your garden

Garden machinery and tools (along with gardening products and accessories) are in many cases essential to carry out the cultivation and maintenance of plants. From sowing in seedbeds, through preparing the land and even pruning, everything requires gardening machinery to help us carry out our tasks. Without forgetting how important it is not to neglect our safety in the execution of these tasks and to use protective accessories such as good gloves or boots.

As we all like the result to be as professional as possible, having certain types of products on hand, such as good DIY tools, accessories that facilitate transplantation, watering, a good cutting scissors or even accessories for lighting , cleaning or decorating our garden, by facilitating our tasks, it seems that we enjoy them more.

There is increasing evidence that dedicating our free time to the garden or horticulture is very beneficial and satisfying (and even therapeutic) for several reasons:

  • We enjoyed an outdoor activity.
  • It is a task that we can do as a family, involving the youngest and the oldest.
  • We learn more about nature (birds, insects, plants, etc.) and we value it more.
  • We beautify the landscape.
  • It helps us stay physically and mentally active.
  • It is a way to eliminate accumulated stress.

What more could you want? And if you also choose resistant and effective tools, all work is easier and more enjoyable to carry out.

What characteristics should a good tool or machinery have?

After having experienced different types of tools and machinery for the garden and orchard, these are the qualities that we consider most important:

  • That allow us to carry out the work in a more efficient and precise way
  • Must have enough power
  • Make it manageable and as light as possible
  • Finish must be professional
  • That it is safe to use
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
  • Great durability and resistance

Very useful machinery for your garden or plot

garland garden machinery

Motor hoe, brush cutter, lawn mower, trimmer, sweeper-comber, hedge trimmer, garden shredder … all of them are part of the extensive range of Garland garden machinery that can be very useful, and in this article you will know why.

This is a selection of machinery that we can get for our garden:

1.- Motor hoe , especially interesting for areas with more compact soil or for gardens and larger plots since it allows the tillage of the land with minimal effort.

2.- Brush cutter , it is used to comfortably eliminate spontaneous or adventitious herbs that we do not want.

3.- Lawnmower , a gardening classic. Today there are cutting-edge mowers that are very agile, ergonomic and that facilitate this work.

4.- Border trimmers , for the edges of roads or areas that we cannot access with the lawnmower.

5.- Sweeper-comber , if you have artificial grass you are going to love it. It is used to comb and clean the artificial grass and leaves it as new. With its help you can remove leaves and other debris so that your lawn is much cleaner and more natural.

6.- Hedge trimmers , this tool is very practical when cutting and shaping hedges quickly and easily.

7.- Biotriturador , it is very useful to compress pruning branches, leaves and other garden debris and use them to make compost faster.

Depending on what needs you have in your garden or orchard, you should look for this type of machinery and even add chainsaws, harvesters, olive harvesters, scarifiers, motor cultivators, sprayers, blower-aspirators …

To enjoy the experience of maintaining a garden and obtaining the best result, it is advisable to use tools and accessories for agricultural and garden use that guarantee the most optimal performance.

From personal experience we can assure you that there is nothing like verifying over the years that investing in quality garden machinery (such as tools and accessories) is the best choice we can make.

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