Maidenhair fern: care and cultivation

The maidenhair fern , also called Maidenhair, Venus Hair, Venus Hair, Arañuela, Brenca and Capilera, is a fern of the Pteridaceae family that is 40cm high. It has a creeping rhizome that emits many tufts of downward arched foliage, which has smooth, thin, light green, fan-shaped edges.

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In its natural habitat, the maidenhair fern sprouts from the hollows in the rocks, on the banks of the water points. This fern loves humidity and can survive mild winters. If you have a stream in your house with shade and rocks that surround it, place some specimens of this fern between the stones. It should be noted that the maidenhair fern is ideal for making bouquets , although its duration is short, since the foliage withers easily. Therefore, you can only use it for centerpieces, and whose duration is only one night.

Care and cultivation of the maidenhair fern

The first planting of the maidenhair fern outside should be done in spring. Make a hole three times larger than the volume of the root ball and put the fern. Tighten the substrate, water and put a straw mulch to conserve soil moisture. The soil used must be fresh or calcareous, but never acidic.

To grow the maidenhair fern in pots or indoors, you’ll need to plant it in a mixture of soil, river sand, or peat . This plant can survive in areas where temperatures do not drop below -5 ° C during winter. Protect the root ball from strong frost with a padding.

As for lighting, it prefers to be in humid areas, away from direct sun, although it can tolerate a little sun in the morning it serves too strong. Indoors, you will need to place the fern in a place where the light is filtered.

Now, as the maidenhair fern is susceptible to drought and lack of humidity , you will have to place it in a saucer full of water and stones. In winter, spray the foliage every day with cool water. Outside, water the maidenhair fern for the first two months after planting, then renew the mulch just to keep the soil cool.

Compost and pruning

As for the compost, add a mild liquid fertilizer, from early spring to early fall, every 10 days. On the other hand, keep in mind that it is advisable to remove the dry leaves in spring.

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