Make your own homemade and ecological fabric softener with 3 ingredients that you already have at home

If you want to stop using commercial fabric softener and opt for an ecological, cheap and effective fabric softener , which also takes care of your washing machine, you have already found it. This fabric softener will leave your clothes as soft as any commercial fabric softener, but avoid synthetic chemicals that sometimes cause allergies or skin reactions.

In addition, this homemade softener takes better care of clothes, makes the colors of your clothes last longer, leaves towels more fluffy and is even ideal for baby clothes. In addition, this softener is worth both to use in the washing machine and for hand washing.

Ingredients to make homemade fabric softener:

White vinegar> 500ml

Water> 1 liter

Baking soda > 2 tablespoons

How to prepare homemade fabric softener for the washing machine or hand wash:

Mix the vinegar and water first. Then add the baking soda little by little, you will see that it foams. Add the baking soda little by little until everything is there and mix the three ingredients well.

To use this softener, it is done exactly the same as conventional fabric softener.

<> You can also use vinegar directly on clothes as a stain remover before washing. Apply it on the stain (deodorant, coffee, wine …) leave it for 10 minutes and then wash in the washing machine.

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