Markets to buy organic products in Cantabria


As we know that sometimes it is not easy to find local organic food and products , we have made this post so you do not have to look for them and have them on hand.

Here you can find the Markets or Markets that sell Ecological Products in Cantabria.


We also remind you of some benefits of consuming organic and local :

1. Consuming local products is beneficial for the local economy . One euro spent on nearby products generates twice as much for the local economy.

2. Local products are healthier and fresher . Products transported long distances can spend weeks in freezers. However, when buying locally we are getting a food harvested at the optimal time of maturation and shortly before being bought, which means that the food has more nutrients.

3. Organic and local food tastes better . A product collected yesterday has much more flavor and nutritional properties than one collected weeks ago and that has been artificially matured and kept in chambers.

4. Eating in this way reduces polluting gas emissions . The transport of products from distant places causes high CO2 emissions, contributing to climate change, making it unsustainable.

5. Support the farmers market Buying at the local farmers market, even a very small one, helps local farmers and small producers to survive and prosper.

6. You prevent oligopolies . 80% of the products that are distributed in Spain are controlled by 5 companies which make and break in terms of final prices and how much is produced and how. Supporting small producers serves to fight against this oligopoly and exercise our right to food sovereignty.

Maliaño organic products market, Camargo : with seasonal and local food. See details

Laredo Organic Market : You can find organic producer stalls. See details

Torrelavega ecological market : with ecological and local products. See details

If you know or participate in markets where organic products can be found and it is not in this directory, send us an email to [email protected] so that we can add it and more people know about it.


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