Milk thistle, medicinal properties and uses

Milk thistle , Silybum marianum , also popularly known as Borriquero thistle, is a very common biennial plant in Europe that belongs to the Compositae family.

It is a traditionally widely used medicinal plant due to its therapeutic properties and in this article you will learn what milk thistle is good for .

It can reach two meters in height, has a robust stem and its characteristic head (like that of the artichoke ) with a rosette of leaves and flowers in purple and pink tones.

Its seeds, roots and leaves are used for medicinal purposes, with which an infusion of milk thistle is usually made by putting a teaspoon in a cup and adding boiling water. Let it rest for 4 minutes, strain it and drink it little by little as it cools down. You can sweeten with stevia .

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Medicinal properties of Milk Thistle, Silybum marianum

This plant has essential oil, flavonoids, silymarin, histamine, mucilage, bitter principles and tyramine, among other components.

Milk thistle has hepatoprotective, anti-hemorrhagic, hemostatic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, digestive, cholagogue, antipyretic, venotonic, antidepressant, antitumor, cardioprotective properties.

milk thistle Benefits and uses of Milk Thistle

It is a great protector of the liver.

Stimulates the regeneration of liver cells

Improves recovery from flu and colds

Helps eliminate toxins

It is used to fight cystitis

Relieves headache

Delays aging

Fight dizziness

It is beneficial in cases of fatigue

Eliminate or reduce hemorrhoids

Decrease fever

Recommended for asthma

Improves pancreas ailments

Fight heartburn or heartburn

It is recommended for diabetes

Facilitates blood circulation

Stimulates the expulsion of bile

Protects the cardiovascular and nervous systems

Recommended for the prostate gland

Home remedies with Milk Thistle

* It can be taken by preparing an infusion with a teaspoon of dried plant for each cup of water.

* Another way to use Milk Thistle is to prepare tincture  for internal use

* We can make an oil infused with milk thistle at home and use it externally

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