Monsanto, Syngenta and company break the law to grow more GMOs

The big companies that have a global GMO oligopoly – Monsanto, Syngenta and Dupon / Pioneer – are lobbying the European Commission to accelerate the cultivation of new GM crops despite serious loopholes in the risk assessment report.

The organization TestBiotech and Friends of the Earth have published a report that assesses the risks posed to ecosystems and our health by the cultivation of GM crops on a large scale.

This report shows that Monsanto and company are intentionally violating European regulations because they are aware that for years there have been teosinte plants (a variety of corn) that have been mixed with GMOs and that can produce hybrids with GMO corn. distributed without any kind of control. As the multinationals were aware of this fact, they have not provided any information on gene transfer because then the risk assessment would be very high and they would not allow them to grow more GMOs.

Although biotechnology companies have the obligation to provide this type of data, obviously they do not do so because it highlights the risks and dangers that the cultivation of transgenics entails.

Today, December 9, the Member States of the European Union will vote on whether to allow the cultivation of three new transgenic corn: MON810, Corn 1507 and Bt11. Authorizing the cultivation of these corn would only benefit the large companies that develop them to the detriment of the environment and food sovereignty.

Although an evaluation on the impact of the cultivation of these transgenic maize has not yet been carried out since they can have a devastating environmental impact, in Europe permission could be granted for them to be cultivated in a massive way.

There is growing data on the low productivity of GM crops. In the United States, for example, its cultivation is being reduced because farmers are getting lower yields.



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