More scientific studies on the dangers to our health of GMOs and pesticides

Both in Paraguay and throughout the world there are scientific studies that have shown that spraying with glyphosate and other pesticides used to grow soybeans , as well as transgenic crops in themselves, are harmful to health.
   In Paraguay, the studies of Dr. Estella Benítez Leite at the Encarnación hospital stand out, which concluded that pregnant women who live a kilometer around where soybean fumigations are registered, have a higher risk of suffering unwanted abortions . (1)
  In Argentina, the embryologist Andrés Carrasco , after 15 years of laboratory tests, discovered that glyphosate affects the correct development of the tadpole embryo, causing malformations . And that these results can be extrapolated or affect the human embryo in the same way. (two)
  In Canada the doctors Aris and Leblanc concluded the same thing Carrasco, glyphosate and glufosinate generate another substance called malformations in the human embryo . They also found residues of the Bt transgenic corn toxin in the placenta of pregnant mothers and in their blood. This toxin, the study maintains, reached mothers through diet. (3)
  In France , Dr. Seralini grouped together three teams of rats in his laboratory, one fed with transgenic corn, another with glyphosate water and the third with non-transgenic corn. The first two groups of mice showed tumors, deterioration of the liver and kidneys , in addition to a reduction in life expectancy. (4)
  A joint study between scientists from Australia and the United States divided a group of pigs in two, feeding one with forage made from transgenic soybeans and corn, while the other with non-transgenic foods. The first group suffered inflammation in the uterus and stomach . The study calls for more toxicological tests, taking into account that pork is part of the human diet. (5)

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