Moringa: What is moringa good for? 15 proven medicinal uses of the tree of life

Medicinal and nutritional properties and uses of moringa . Moringa, Moringa oleifera , is a tree native to India that grows in subtropical countries on the Asian and African continents. Traditionally, moringa leaves, pods, seeds, oil, flowers, roots, branches and bark are used both for food consumption and to recover and maintain health due to its therapeutic qualities.

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When you read this article you will see that it is not by chance that moringa is called the tree of life . .

Nutritional value of Moringa

The content of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and proteins (amino acids) in moringa have made it a great natural resource to prevent the lack of these basic nutrients and that acts against malnutrition.

The Oleifera contains vitamin C , vitamin A , also provides vitamins of group B (including folate or folic acid ) and vitamin E . Some of the vitamins in moringa act as antioxidants .

It is also worth noting its content in minerals such as iron and calcium . Both minerals are very important because both iron and calcium participate in a multitude of functions carried out by our cells and must be incorporated through a healthy diet because our own body is not capable of synthesizing them.

Its vegetable protein content is also remarkable, with proteins being an essential macronutrient for the proper functioning of our body.

On the other hand, the large amount of polyphenols and flavonoids contained in moringa are responsible for its medicinal activity. We are going to know how moringa is taken, what moringa oleifera is good for and 15 medicinal uses proven in clinical studies.

How to take Moringa

It is very simple:

  • One option is to make a moringa infusion with the leaves
  • Add moringa powder to any food (for example yogurts, recipes such as stews, soups, purees, green smoothies, salads, etc.)

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What is moringa good for? 15 proven medicinal uses of moringa

moringa powder 1.- Moringa leaf extract has great antioxidant power

Moringa leaves contain several different types of antioxidants, such as ascorbic acid (vitamin C), carotenoids, flavonoids, and phenols. These components are capable of inhibiting oxidative damage to our DNA, which in turn will help prevent disease.

2.- Moringa and diabetes

Moringa leaves have antidiabetic or antihyperglycemic action . In a study carried out in people with type II diabetes with moringa leaf powder it was shown that it reduced blood sugar levels due to its antidiabetic effect, and therefore, had a beneficial impact on the health of these people.

3.- Moringa and cholesterol

The ground moringa leaves and its extract have antidislipidemic activity, reducing the levels of lipids or fat in the blood. This effect is very beneficial for people with problems of alterations and / or excess lipids in the blood such as cholesterol . But in addition, in a study carried out in rats, a reduction in fat accumulated in the liver and in bilirubin levels was also observed .

4.- Moringa to heal wounds and protect tissues

Another therapeutic quality that has been observed in the clinical study of the medicinal activity of moringa is that it protects the tissues of such important organs as the liver, heart, kidneys, testicles or lungs . In addition, moringa is effective in stimulating wound healing and promoting good wound healing.

5.- Moringa for pain

The analgesic action of moringa can mitigate or alleviate pain that we may suffer in our body. In particular, moringa has been shown to be effective in reducing pain caused by arthritis .

6.- Moringa for stomach ulcers and heartburn

The antiulcer effect that the moringa plant possesses makes it a natural remedy to prevent stomach ulcers and protect it from these damages. In a study carried out in people with ulcers caused by taking pharmacological drugs (aspirin), moringa was useful to protect the stomach against ulcers, to improve its condition if they exist and also reduced gastric acidity .

7.- Moringa for hypertension

The antihypertensive activity of moringa is extremely beneficial for people who have hypertension or high blood pressure , since excess pressure continuously on the walls of the arteries leads to leg pain when walking, impotence in men, life problems , kidney failure, heart hypertrophy, arrhythmias, coronary heart failure and angina pectoris.

8.- Moringa has an anti-inflammatory effect

Another observed effect of the medicinal effect of moringa is that it has anti-inflammatory activity , being of great help in those medical conditions that are caused by inflammation or that include inflammation as a symptom (such as obesity, arthritis, trauma , etc.).

Parts of moringa that are used for food and medicinal purposes


9.- Moringa protects the liver

Among the main actions of this medicinal plant we could highlight its hepatoprotective action . It will be very useful for people who want to prevent liver ailments or who already have them and want to regain health as much as possible.

10.- Moringa and cancer

The effect of moringa leaf extract has been clinically observed to inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells , particularly cancer cells in the lung and other organs.

11.- Prevent cataracts with moringa

Moringa helps us take care of our eyes and can prevent degenerative ophthalmological damage such as the appearance of cataracts, especially when cataracts are due to diabetes.

12.- Moringa and the immune system

Clinical studies carried out in animals with depressed immune systems showed the immunostimulating effect of moringa, that is, that this plant is capable of improving the function of the immune system. Curiously, better results were obtained with small doses as these were more effective.

13.- Moringa and the central nervous system

The neuroprotective action of moringa is still being studied, but in clinical trials it has been possible to observe how moringa can stimulate cognitive functions (such as promoting learning and memory, language, attention, etc.) and protect the central nervous system in cases of dementia.

It has even been observed that with oral doses of moringa the cerebral dysfunction induced by ischemia has been attenuated.

14.- Moringa and asthma

In studies carried out in animals and also in people with asthma, an improvement and a remission of the symptoms of this ailment of the respiratory system was observed once the study was concluded. Therefore, another quality of the tree of life is that it has antiasthmatic action and that it improves the symptoms of bronchial asthma in people and animals.

15.- Moringa is cardioprotective

In addition to all the aforementioned, we can add that moringa takes care of our heart and helps it continue to perform its functions optimally. Moringa stimulates blood circulation , has a slight anticoagulant effect and could help prevent cardiovascular diseases , which today are the leading cause of death worldwide.

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In addition, more clinical studies are being carried out with moringa and some of its isolated components that appear to be very promising .  Moringa is a plant with immense medicinal potential.


This is general information, for any questions go to a health professional who can recommend the best based on your personal circumstances .


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