What is mulch and how to best use it

Mulching is a natural technique, which consists in covering the parts of bare ground, with leaves, straw or cut grass. Although little known mulch is very useful both for the vegetable garden and for the garden, in the natural state the soil is never completely naked, nature covers the soil so that the humidity remains longer, mulching performs this task Mulching also facilitates fertilization, whatever we use to create it will decompose over time becoming natural fertilizer. Naturally, a whole series of insects and small animals live in the cultivated land, such as earthworms or land pigs, which do not like the sun. Mulching helps them live better and they will help our plants and flowers in their natural life cycle. Finally what to consider,

Vegetable mulch materials

Although there is ready-made mulch such as sheets, we can create it ourselves using various scraps from our garden. Among the simplest materials to use there is the mowing of the grass, the one cut from the garden is excellent, moreover it is excellent for any type of culture we have. If we have a container for the wet, when the compost matures we can use it as mulch, it will provide protection and fertilization. The foliage is especially good for strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. Comfrey leaves are excellent for tomatoes, but also for other crops as they are particularly rich in potassium. The leaves of the tomatoes are great for the plant itself but also for the cabbage. Another excellent plant for mulching is nettle, as well as aromatic and medicinal plants, if you live near the sea you can also use algae. Perhaps the best known mulch is bark readily available at garden stores.

Winter mulch

Mulching is also a great help in winter, the soil is dormant but that doesn’t mean it can’t be prepared for a better result in spring. If after the first frost we lightly work the soil and fertilize it properly, mulching will allow the soil to absorb the fertilizer better. The recommended mulch for this period is that consisting of a thin layer of chopped leaves or vegetable waste, so we will allow the soil to breathe and the air to keep it dry. If we do not have these elements available, we can also use a light layer of straw. We must always make sure that the layer is not too thick, especially if the winter is too rainy,

Mulching: Mulching with the sheet and the bark

Mulching with the courtesan is mainly used in the garden with smaller flowers or plants. Mulching with bark is also an element that enriches outdoor spaces, also available in red color, it helps to give color to the flower beds. Mulching with a sheet is suitable for both vegetable gardens and gardens, there are different types of sheets, their use is simple. First we have to work the ground and make sure there are no depressions, when the ground is ready we can proceed to spread the sheet. After taking the necessary measurements, we can spread the cloth and make x-shaped holes, where we intend to plant the seeds or seedlings, there are also already perforated sheets. Now all that remains is to fix the cloth to the ground, let’s do it with stones on the four sides, the wind will no longer be able to move it. The only operation we will do from now on is to water when necessary.

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