Natural cosmetics: how to strengthen weak, brittle nails and eliminate fungus easily

This recipe for natural cosmetics made with horsetail and celery seeds for weak , brittle nails and fungi is very simple and at the same time very effective. It can be used on both fingernails and toenails.

Horsetail contains silicic acid and flavonoids, which is why it has been traditionally used, among many uses, to heal wounds, eliminate fungi and to strengthen weak and brittle nails, and celery seeds reinforce these properties, achieving healthy nails. strong and resistant.

What you need to do the nail strengthening bath :

  • 30 grams of horsetail (fresh, if you use it dry you will need half the amount)
  • 30 g of celery seeds
  • 220 ml of water


  • Cut the horsetail very finely and add it together with the celery seeds to a bowl. Pour the boiled water into the bowl and let it sit for 1 hour.
  • Strain and store in a glass jar.

This infusion lasts 3 days and to use it simply pour a little bit into a small bowl and put your fingers in for 10 minutes. It should be done every day and you can even repeat it 2 times a day if the nails are in very bad condition. You can heat the amount of infusion that you are going to use in each session a little.

As you can see, this remedy is very simple and allows you to have healthy and beautiful nails in a natural way.


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