Nausea and Upset Stomach: 5 Natural Remedies to Relieve It

If you wonder what you can do in case of nausea, in this post we will tell you. If you like to take care of your health in a natural way and you prefer to use home remedies against minor ailments, in this article we are going to give you many tips and natural options so that you can relieve annoying nausea and an upset stomach.

What is nausea?

Nausea is defined as a feeling of queasy stomach. When we are nauseous, we feel like vomiting.

If you want to know what you can do in case of nausea, don’t worry, there are many home and natural remedies that we can use to combat nausea.

What are the causes of nausea?

From flu, colic, irritable bowel, migraines, through pregnancy, food intolerances, high alcohol intake, medications, gastritis, premenstrual syndrome, even going by car or bus can be the most common causes of nausea.

In order to alleviate this discomfort in the stomach and the urge to vomit as soon as possible to feel good again, you have at your fingertips these simple remedies that surely many of them already have at home.

Keep in mind that if nausea ceases to be something specific and temporary to a habitual symptom and that it recurs with certain frequency, you should consult your doctor. Also, if you are a woman it is important that you first confirm that the nausea is not caused by pregnancy.

Homemade and natural remedies against nausea and upset stomach

1.- Ginger

It is one of the most used plants in folk medicine in Asian cultures. Ginger is one of the most effective natural remedies for nausea . But it also has many more uses, I will tell you about them in my post on the Properties of Ginger .

Regardless of the cause of nausea, whether it is from driving or bus, illness, etc.

How is ginger used for nausea?

It is very easy to use: half a teaspoon of the fresh ginger root is grated and an infusion is prepared in a cup by adding boiling water. Cover and let stand 5 minutes, filter and then drink little by little once it has cooled to room temperature.

Grated ginger can also be added in the preparation of sweet and savory dishes.

2.- Fennel

Another natural remedy for nausea is made from fennel seeds. Fennel is a wonderful plant from which its bulb is eaten and its leaves are used as an aromatic herb. It has excellent health benefits and I will tell you all about them in my article on the Properties of Fennel .

How to use fennel for nausea:

Lightly crush a teaspoon of fennel seeds, pour them into a cup and add 200 ml of boiling water. Cover the mug and let it steep for at least 5 minutes. Then it is filtered and drunk when it cools down. You will see that fennel seeds have a very pleasant taste.

3.- Apple cider vinegar

We already know that apple cider vinegar has many benefits for our health, and one of its uses is to relieve nausea. Do not stay with the desire to know what else it is good for, enter my post Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar .

How to take vinegar against nausea?

You just have to add 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in half a glass of water and drink little by little.

4.- Lemon

Lemon is a fruit that is able to immediately relieve nausea. We already know that lemon is a wonderful citrus fruit for our health, but read my article on the Properties of Lemon to verify it.

How is lemon used against nausea?

You can use it for this purpose by adding the juice of 1/4 of a lemon to a glass of water. Drink slowly and you will notice the anti-nausea effect quickly.

5.- Infusions of medicinal plants and spices

For nausea we can take advantage of the therapeutic qualities provided by various medicinal plants, such as Mint and Chamomile , and spices such as Cumin , Anise or the famous Cinnamon .

Medicinal plants are used by preparing them in infusion in the same way that has been indicated in the previous remedies. Spices can be added to meals. In the case of cumin and anise seeds, crush them a little before adding them to the dish. Cinnamon can be taken by making an infusion with a roll or by including it in powder in the dishes.

What else can you do if you are nauseated?

In addition to the home remedies mentioned, to prevent nausea we can put into practice some guidelines such as:

  • Avoid foods with strong smells and tastes
  • Do not eat large meals
  • Eat slowly and chew food thoroughly before swallowing
  • Avoid so-called junk or junk food
  • Limit or avoid alcohol consumption
  • Do not wear clothing that is tight in the abdominal area.

This is general information, you should consult with the corresponding health professional to diagnose you and indicate the best treatment for your particular case.

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