Nephrolepsis fern care and cultivation

The nephrolepsis fern is native to the tropical and subtropical regions of America, Africa and Asia. It is one of the ferns most cultivated indoors. The typical species has deep green rosette fronds 80 cm long by 5 cm wide.

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Nephrolepsis fern care

The Nephrolepsis Fern will thrive in a light, slightly acidic, porous substrate composed of equal parts peat , river hangover, black earth, and sand. The container must be porous and deep to favor it. The size must be proportionate to the development of the plant, changing as it grows.

It prefers full luminosity, avoiding direct sunlight, although some varieties tolerate quite dark places very well. It progresses in a temperate and warm environment that is around 22 ° C; It resists up to 10 ° C if you keep the Nephrolepsis Fern with the substrate almost dry and temperatures above 24 ° C when it has good humidity. Sudden temperature variations harm it.

Regarding irrigation, it requires a continuously humid substrate during the growth period with waterings every three days, always avoiding wetting the foliage. Reduce winter watering to once a week.

Nephrolepsis Fern Culture

Start the crop in spring and choose an intense green specimen that does not have dry leaves in the center. The Nephrolepsis Fern will thrive in a place protected from direct sunlight , away from heaters, and without drafts. Water every five days in summer to avoid too wet substrate.

The continuous change of location may alter the growth rate of the nephrolepsis fern . Renew the pot in spring when the plant has filled the container with roots and incorporate a moderate amount of bone meal into the substrate to improve foliage color and strength.

In terms of humidity, a plate with wet gravel will provide the necessary humidity as will a larger container lined with wet peat.


The mode of propagation of the nephrolepsis fern is through seedlings that form in the stolons of the neck of the adult plant. The fern should pop out of the pot with a bump on the edge. The sucker is separated with a scissors or a sharp razor. It is placed in a pot covered with plastic for two weeks. It can also be propagated by division of bushes in spring.

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