Night-blooming plants

If you want to have a beautiful garden when the sun goes down, you can choose these plants that bloom at night . They are beautiful, aromatic and easy to grow.

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The beautiful white flowers of this shrub emit their beautiful scent during the day and also at night. Plant them along your patio or porch and their sweet and intense aroma spreads around your house at sunset.


This beautiful flower will not only add a sweet fragrance to where you grow it, it will also add a dose of color. You can also find it in pink and white.


Also known as Angel’s Trumpet or Brugmansia, it displays all its splendor from spring to autumn. This tree can reach up to seven meters high and about two meters in pot. Its leaves are alternate and oval, while the hanging flowers are large, scented, and trumpet-shaped. They can be white or yellow. It is not suitable for gardens where there are children since the plant is toxic by ingestion.


The ipomea grows to 15 feet tall, displaying fragrant white flowers four to six inches wide. Buy seedlings, as seed germination is difficult. Provide enough sun and fertilizer.


This beautiful vine can take several years before clusters of white or lilac flowers emerge , so be sure to buy one that is already in bloom.


Commonly called lily or St. Joseph’s rod , it is a herbaceous plant that fills the garden with color and aroma thanks to its sweet, almost intoxicating fragrance. The flowers are white and have the shape of a funnel.

Nocturnal phlox

It is a genus of more than 120 species of beautiful plants, native to North America, the vast majority, although there are also in Asia. Some species can reach 1.5 meters in height. It has a wide range of colors that ranges from pale blue to deep red and white.

Nicotiana alata

This beautiful plant has trumpet-shaped flowers that open at sunset. This plant can grow up to a meter high and in the evening gives off a delicious freesia aroma. Nicotiana alata comes in a wide range of colors. What do you think if you put some of them in your patio or garden?

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What do you think of these plants that bloom at night ? Leave your comments.

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