Night flowering plants

Enjoying the beauty of flowers is unique, but there are many of them that do it at night. So follow this list so you can buy a few and have a spectacular night bloom in that green space or garden.

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List of night flowering plants

Nottingham Catchfly

Nottingham Catchfly or also known as Eurasian Catchfly, is a wild flower found on rocky banks and hillside ridges in southern Finland. The flowers remain closed during the day, but in the evening it begins to open . The flower is white, with 5 narrow petals and yellow hairy leaves. During the night they produce a very strong fragrance to attract moths and insects. This flowering takes place for 3 consecutive nights. So every night the plant opens different stamens to increase pollination.

Mirabilis Jalap

Mirabilis Jalap or also known as four o’clock flowers or Don Diego at night. So called because it blooms during the night and until the last hour of the morning. It has a wide variety of colors which stand out pink, yellow, red, blue and white. It is worth mentioning that its aroma is very pleasant.

Nocturnum epidemdrum

Nocturnum epidemdrum or also known as Night-scented Orchid, is a plant native to the tropical regions of Central and South America. It grows in cool places and in warm conditions, it blooms in the summer to fall. The flowers have long sepals and give off a strong scent at night.

Blooming Cereus

Blooming Cereus also known as night blooming candle. It is in the cactus genus and is found mainly in Mexico and southern Arizona. It gives off a pleasant smell that lasts until morning, but the flower always closes. This is white or cream in color and has a diameter of 1 cm. It is pollinated by bats and moths, feeding on its nectar.

Night blooming jessamine

Night blooming jessamine also known as night jasmine and night blooming. It is a woody evergreen shrub that grows in South Asia and the West Indies. It produces small, greenish-white, tubular flowers that open at night. It has a strong pleasant smell, but it should be away from children, since its elements contain toxic substances.

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