Nutritional properties of chickpeas

If you like to take care of your health and also eat well, in this article you will discover the benefits of chickpeas, one of the foods that we like the most for its nutritional value and for the great variety of uses that can be given to them in the kitchen, being able to use them in recipes such as stews, stews, hummus, sprouts, falafel, etc. Take a look at the Cooking Recipes section for chickpea recipes.

Also, at the end of the article you will see a short video about chickpeas that I recommend you do not miss.

What are chickpeas?

The chick peas are legumes with many nutritional properties . They are very energetic, nutritious and have a high content of vitamins, minerals, fiber and vegetable protein, so it is recommended to eat chickpeas to have a healthy diet , as well as other legumes with health benefits such as lentils , peas or peas. , beans , etc.

Chickpeas were grown in the Mediterranean and spread to the rest of the world. Currently they are one of the most consumed legumes because they are very easy to eat and are used to prepare a multitude of cooking recipes . As examples of cooking recipes with chickpeas we have: Madrid stew, mountain stew, spinach and chickpea stew , falafel (or chickpea croquettes), chickpea burgers, curried chickpeas and of course, the famous chickpea hummus.

In addition to using chickpea beans, we can also find chickpea flour with which to make meatballs, egg-free potato omelette and other recipes such as Indian-type breads, quiches, pakoras, batters, etc.

Chickpea is a star food in many dishes in the Mediterranean area, and it is not surprising that the diet of this area of ​​the world is considered the best for health, due to its great contribution of ingredients of plant origin such as vegetables , fruits, nuts and legumes. Hence, we find this great food in a multitude of dishes.

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In this article you will find out what is the nutritional information of chickpea, what nutrients it contributes to the body and its properties and benefits.


GARBANZO BEANS Nutritional value of chickpeas

How many calories do chickpeas have? Are chickpeas fattening?

For every 100 grams of chickpea we are ingesting about 165 kcalories. It is a very complete food, with a good fiber and vegetable protein content that keeps us satiated for long periods of time.

  • Contains vitamins of group B (B1, B2, B6, B9), C, E and K
  • Chickpeas have minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium or zinc
  • It is rich in vegetable proteins
  • Its fiber content should also be highlighted, very important to prevent different ailments.

What are chickpeas good for?

  • Chickpeas have a good supply of lecithin , a very interesting fatty acid for health and known for its ability to eliminate fat .
  • They fight anemia thanks to its iron content. It is important to combine chickpeas with foods with good vitamin C content to increase iron absorption.
  • They take care of the health of our liver , a very important organ that performs hundreds of functions to keep our body in good condition.
  • They have lecithin, a compound that helps eliminate fat. This is important for people who are overweight or obese who are dieting to lose weight.
  • They protect us against cardiovascular diseases , one of the main causes of mortality worldwide.
  • They promote good blood circulation.
  • Chickpeas take care of our digestive system .
  • It has a diuretic effect, helping to eliminate retained fluids and to improve cases of edema.
  • Legumes, and thus chickpeas, are very important in vegan and vegetarian diets due to, among other things, their contribution in vegetable protein.
  • They are beneficial for people with hypertension .
  • Combat states of physical and mental fatigue and tiredness
  • Chickpeas take care of the proper functioning of the nervous and muscular systems
  • It has folates that promote the proper functioning of the nervous system and arteries and are capable of reducing the risk of heart attacks
  • They have essential fatty acids that protect vital organs and facilitate the absorption of fat- soluble vitamins
  • Legumes, with chickpeas at the top, are excellent for people who practice sports or who have a lot of physical exhaustion from their work activity.
  • They reduce stress and mild nervous and depressive states
  • Chickpeas are rich in fiber that facilitates a regular intestinal transit and prevents constipation
  • They are very beneficial especially in cases of diabetes because the fiber contained in chickpeas prevents spikes in blood sugar.
  • Due to their folic acid content, they are very beneficial during pregnancy and lactation to avoid malformations and problems in the development of the baby.
  • Chickpeas have slow absorption carbohydrates, so they do not cause sugar spikes, they give us energy and they keep us satiated longer, something highly desired in diets to lose weight and for diabetics.

To take advantage of the properties of this legume and make sure you eat the best quality chickpeas, always make sure they are Organic Chickpeas .

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