Onion grass, a species used as a forage plant

Onion grass also known as Poa bulbosa, Junquillo, Curly feather, Poa de majadal or Mouse hair . It belongs to the Poaceae family and is usually present in temperate Asia, Europe, Australia, North America and southern South America.

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The generic name derived from the Greek Poa means “grass”, especially forage. While the Latin epithet bulbous means “bulbous ·.

Characteristics of the onion grass

Herbaceous plant that can reach a height of 50 cm.

The stem is cylindrical with hollow internodes, glabrous, striated, thickened at the base.

The roots are bulb-like pods.

The leaves are elongated, flattened, folded or convoluted and narrow with a pointed apex.

The inflorescence is a semi-dense panicle, with compressed spikelets and almost equal glumes. The flowers with somewhat reddish colorations. Flowers from March to June.

The fruit is a caryopsis type.

Care of the onion grass

It is an ideal species for roadsides, meadows, forests, grasslands and gutters.

It needs to be in full sun, as it is not able to thrive in the shade.

As for the soil, it must be dry, a little acid, moderately poor in nitrogen.

Irrigation should be moderate for optimal development. But avoiding waterlogging.

It multiplies vegetatively or by seed. By means of tiny plants that are produced in the inflorescence itself that sprout when falling to the ground.


  • It is a species that is distinguished by its viviparism. It can be seen in the leaves of the germinated seeds on the spike, without having fallen from the mother plant.
  • It is used as a forage plant.
  • Pollen is allergenic.

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