Ophrys apifera, whose flower is similar to the abdomen of the bee

Ophrys apifera  also known as Bee Flower, Bee Hive or Bee Orchid . It belongs to the Orchidaceae family, which is found from the Mediterranean to Scotland.

It is called a bee orchid, since it has a flower lip that is similar to the abdomen of a bee.

From the Latin “Apífera” which is similar to the bee, referring to its lip.

Characteristics of the Ophrys apifera

Plant that can grow to between 15 to 60 cm tall. The stems are robust and erect.

The leaves are basal in rosettes, from oval to lanceolate, the upper ones smaller and as they get taller they are somewhat sheathing.

The flowers are of great beauty, with wide sepals, pale pink to white, the lip ends in a beak, reddish-brown in color and the speculum with a yellowish margin. It blooms in the spring.

The fruit is an elongated capsule that has a single cavity, which houses about 12,000 seeds.

Ophrys apifera care

It is a species that grows in wet and cool grasslands in undergrowths, roadsides, forest tracks and even on the banks of streams.

It is very easy to grow. It requires being in the shade and is capable of surviving winter frosts.

It is not demanding in terms of terrain, so it can grow in limestone, humid and well-drained soils.

It is sensitive to fertilizers and fungicides, as they kill fungi thereby making symbiosis, so care should be taken.


  • It is a plant that can self-pollinate due to the pollen sac that can fall on the stigma.
  • Today it is a protected spice.

What do you think of this flower? Do you like it? Did you know about her, if so, do not stop telling us everything about it to complete the information.

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