Organic garden: Why do tomatoes crack or split? Causes and solutions

Have you ever come across one or more cracked tomatoes? It is something quite common that can happen for several reasons and that has a solution.

1.- One of the reasons why tomatoes crack is due to excess water , mainly during their last stage, after a period of drought or not having received enough water. If we have not been able to tend the garden and we have not been able to water for several days, when we finally do it we add much more water than necessary “to compensate for the days without water” and this causes the pulp to develop more than the skin, thus they are produced the slits or cracks in tomatoes .

You can avoid this by installing a drip irrigation system , so you make sure that they receive water periodically and control the amount of water much more, avoiding puddles and excess water at once. You should also make sure that the soil is well aerated, spongy and that it drains properly. In addition, mulching is very beneficial because it maintains a certain degree of humidity in the soil and you don’t need as much water, keep that in mind.

So when there are several days to harvest your tomatoes and there is a forecast of heavy rains, if you want to prevent them from splitting, you must harvest them earlier.

Remember: regular watering greatly prevents tomatoes from splitting

2.- Another reason why tomatoes crack is because of the difference in temperature between day and night . Having very hot days and very cold nights is another factor that causes cracks in tomatoes. If you have the tomato plants in pots you can put them at home and if they are in the ground you can see some tips to protect the plants from low temperatures , and also in this case mulching or mulching is also beneficial.

3.- A third reason why cracks can occur in tomatoes is due to excess nitrogen. If the compost or compost you are using has excess nitrogen it will affect the tomatoes. It is important to know the nutrient needs of the plants that we have grown and pay accordingly, so they will not have diseases or suffer pests due to excess or lack of nutrients.

Irregular watering and excess nitrogen, and sudden changes in temperature are the most common causes of vertical (left photo) and radial or concentric (right photo) cracks in tomatoes.

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