Outdoor plants to decorate balconies and windows


There is a wide variety of outdoor plants that we can use to decorate our windows and balconies.

We can choose between tall plants, more or less leafy, hanging, etc. A combination of all these types is very attractive and adds visual diversity to the exterior of our home .

These are some plants that I recommend to dress your windows and balconies :

 Pelargonium peltatum

Ivy geranium ( Pelargonium peltatum ):

it is a very resistant hanging plant and keeps flowering until winter. Its flowers can be of various colors. It needs to be in full sun or at least in very bright areas. Watering twice a week is enough.

Mesembryanthemum sp

Cat’s claw ( Mesembryanthemum sp ):

It likes hot climates, so much so that it is quite resistant to lack of water. It needs a minimum of 6 hours of sun. Its flowers are very showy and showy, the plant has a hanging shape.

tagete sp

Carnation of India ( Tagete sp ):

They keep their bloom until fall. Its flowers are usually yellow and orange. They require a lot of sun, regular watering and rich soils.

impatiens wallerana

Joy of the house ( Impatiens wallerana ):

They are capable of flowering in semi-shaded areas and with few hours of sun. The flowers can be of very varied colors. Although they do not need direct sun, we do need to pay attention to watering, since the regular water supply cannot be lacking.

petunia sp

Petunia ( Petunia sp ):

A hanging plant with a wide variety of colors in its flowers that needs to receive direct sunlight. It does not require large amounts of water, quite the opposite.

Hydrangea macrophylla

Hydrangea ( Hydrangea macrophylla ):

It is a shrub that can reach up to 1 m in height. It needs to be in a bright area, be careful because if it is in full sun for many hours its leaves can burn. It needs good watering, especially during the summer.

dahlia imperata

Dahlia ( Dalia pinnata ):

It needs sun and abundant watering (especially in summer). It has very striking flowers, both for its variety of colors and also for its shape.

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