Patrick Moore, Proto-GM Lobbyist: “It’s Safe to Drink a Liter of Glyphosate”

This interview is part of the production of a French research documentary “Bientot dans vos assiettes” (Soon on your plates) that deals with transgenics and shows issues such as the parallel increase in cancer cases and spraying with pesticides such as Round up , which contains  glyphosate . Journalist Paul Moreira interviews Patrick Moore , one of the largest lobbyists in America, Asia and Europe for the pro-GMO industry.

Moore assures that Monsanto’s herbicide and star product, Round up , composed of glyphosate, is safe to drink, that it does not harm humans and that you can even drink a glass a day of this pesticide , to which the journalist He replies that if he wants, he can drink a liter of glyphosate to show that it is safe. Moore at first responds yes, but immediately rectifies.

This is the transcript of part of the interview:

Moore: I don’t think glyphosate is causing an increase in cancer cases in Argentina. You can drink a liter of glyphosate and it won’t do you any harm

Moreira: Do you want to drink a little? Do we have some here?

Moore: The truth is that I would love … well, no, no …

Moreira: Really not?

Moore: I know it wouldn’t hurt me

Moreira: If you say so, I have a little glyphosate

Moore: No, I’m not stupid.

Moreira: So, it’s dangerous, right?

Moore: No. A lot of times people try to commit suicide with him and they don’t succeed.

Moreira: Tell the truth. It is dangerous

Moore: It’s not dangerous to humans, it’s not

Moreira: So, are you ready to drink a glass of glyphosate?

Moore: No, I’m not stupid.

Moor: Interview me about the golden rice. That’s what I’m going to talk about

Moreira: Really?

Moore: Okay, so it’s over

Moreira: Except …

Moore: The interview is over

Moreira: It’s a good way to solve things …

Moore: Yeah, you’re a jerk

Recently, even the WHO has confirmed that glyphosate is harmful to health, ( read it here ) something that the GMO industry has not liked at all.




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