Peach or peach: fruit with antioxidant, digestive and protective power of the cardiovascular system

Peach or peach, seasonal fruit par excellence in summer. This orange fruit provides us with hydration and very important nutrients to keep us healthy. Some of the properties and benefits of peach: it helps prevent degenerative diseases, protects our skin, fights fluid retention, prevents iron deficiency anemia and is a beneficial fruit for people with hypertension.

The peach, or also known as peach, comes from China although today peach trees are grown all over the planet, especially in the more temperate zones.

Peaches are very refreshing fleshy fruits with a sweet taste. His best moment: spring and summer. As always, we recommend that you choose a peach from organic farming to ensure that it has all its beneficial properties and flavor.

The nectarine is a fruit similar to the peach but has a smooth skin, something that is more pleasant to some people when it comes to eating it.


Nutritional properties of peaches

Here you can see a table with the detailed values ​​of vitamins, minerals, calories, carbohydrates, fat, protein and fiber in 100 grams of peach:

peach nutrient table

Peach or peach benefits

  • It is rich in water, so it is especially recommended for people who drink little water or who practice sports or have an active life.
  • Peaches provide good amounts of vitamins A, group B and C, which protect us against free radicals.
  • It is a food with a low caloric level, therefore, it is ideal for all types of people, even those with overweight or diabetes.
  • Contributes to the purification process of our body.
  • Even the leaves of peach trees are used in infusion for their purgative, anthelmintic and diuretic action.
  • Peaches have potassium, to promote a good functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular system.
  • The low sodium content of the peach makes it an ideal fruit for people with high blood pressure
  • Its phosphorus content favors the correct formation of bones and teeth.
  • The antioxidant action of beta-carotenes in peaches (mainly on its skin) helps reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer.
  • Due to its contribution in magnesium, it helps us prevent hypertension, cardiovascular problems and even diabetes.
  • The calcium in peaches makes them an excellent source of it, and helps us maintain healthy bones and muscles.
  • The iron in peaches, along with vitamin C, help prevent iron deficiency anemia.
  • They help us keep hair, nails and skin healthy and young.
  • Thanks to its antioxidant content, it helps us to take care of our immune system and to increase our defenses.
  • Promotes wound healing.
  • Due to their laxative action, they are highly recommended to people who do not have regularity when going to the bathroom, people with constipation.
  • The fiber in peaches helps prevent blood sugar spikes, so it is an excellent tool to maintain adequate blood glucose levels.
  • Another benefit of the fiber in this summer fruit is that it has satiating action. Taking peaches after eating for dessert or to snack between meals, we will be nourishing, hydrating and feeling satiated.

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