Pears: nutritional properties and benefits of this fruit


Along with apple and banana , it is one of the most popular fruits. And also thanks to the fact that there are different types of pear, we can enjoy it throughout the year. Yes, today we are going to dedicate this post to tell you what are the most interesting properties and nutritional benefits of pears.

What is the pear?

The pear , Pirus comunnis , is one of the most consumed fruits throughout the year. In the markets we can find different types or varieties of pears: conference, ercolina, blanquilla or water, lemon …

But yes, always choose organically grown pears to take advantage of all the benefits and flavor that this fruit offers us while taking care of the environment and supporting local producers.

It is a fruit that has been traditionally consumed in cultures such as the Egyptian or the Greek, probably because it has a sweet taste and is very refreshing. At the time of eating the pear, we can take it alone, add it to fruit salads, make compote, prepare it in the oven, add it to vegetable purees (it is delicious and the contrast of flavors is very interesting), we can cook them in wine, etc.

In this article we are going to know what are the nutritional properties of pears , their nutritional value and health benefits of consuming this fruit. .

Pear nutritional value

What nutrients do these fruits give us?

Pears, like the vast majority of fruits, are composed mainly of water.

Of every 100 grams, more than 86g are of water, 10g of carbohydrates and less than 1 gram of vegetable protein . Its fat content is 0.

It is important to highlight the fiber content of the pear, which is about 2.5 g.

Of the minerals that pears contain, potassium, phosphorus , calcium , magnesium , sodium, iron and iodine stand out.

The vitamins with the greatest presence in pear are vitamin C , B vitamins such as niacin or B3, thiamine or B1, riboflavin or B2, pyridoxine or B6, folate or B9 and Vitamin A (beta-carotene).

Pears provide us with substances as important as antioxidants , phytosterols or plant sterols and tannins.

How many calories do pears have? The pear gives us about 45 kcal per 100 grams.

Benefits and properties of pear for health

PEAR PROPERTIES This fruit is hydrating. The hydration of our body is very important so that all the necessary functions can be carried out correctly in our body.

It is ideal as a healthy snack to eat between meals throughout the day for both adults and children. Instead of eating ultra-processed products (junk food or junk), let’s opt for Organic Fruit when we want to snack between meals. Our health will thank us.

When they are still green, they are a natural remedy that can help against cases of diarrhea.

Pear is a satiating fruit due to its water and fiber content, so it is great for people who want to lose weight and are on a diet to lose weight.

It is a fruit with anti-inflammatory action that can especially benefit people with acute or chronic ailments that cause inflammation in the body (obesity, osteoarthritis, etc.).

Pears help us to maintain a regular intestinal transit and prevent or combat the, so common, constipation .

A fruit with a very beneficial effect on our microbiota or intestinal flora. And we already know that maintaining a varied and healthy microbiota will have an impact on a good general health of the entire organism.

If you tend to have poor digestion, the pear will come in handy, since it is a fruit indicated for people with sensitive digestive systems. And even better if we prepare it in the oven or steamed.

Pear is our ally to combat fluid retention due to its diuretic action.

It is one of the foods that is recommended for people with gout or uric acid somewhat due to its power to dissolve and eliminate uric acid from the body. .

Pear is an excellent fruit for people with type II diabetes and for those with high blood pressure or hypertension .

A very healthy food that can reduce the chances of us suffering from cardiovascular ailments. Don’t miss a pear a day!

The soluble fiber in pears helps absorb cholesterol so that it can be eliminated from the body.

How do pears take you

The best way to do it to take advantage of its nutritional virtues is fresh. Eat it in bites.

It is also an excellent fruit to add to green juices or smoothies .

Another delicious way to enjoy pears is by roasting or steaming them. This is how they concentrate their flavor. You can use spices such as cinnamon that combines very well with pear.

A typical and traditional recipe with pears is Peras al vino .

Include pears in preparations such as cakes, muffins or puddings, here is this recipe for Pear and Oatmeal Cake .

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