Petrea volubilis, whose flowers could beautify your garden

Petrea volubilis  also known as Machiguá, Bejuco de ajo, Corona or Ramo de reina . It belongs to the Verbenáceas family. It is native to Central and South America, ranging from Mexico to Paraguay.

Characteristics of the Petrea volubilis

Woody vine , with pale brown or greyish bark, which is very ornamental and can reach a height of 12 m.

The leaves are semi-persistent, meandering, thin, opposite, rigid, of rough texture, with irregular margins, robust and of an intense greenish tone.

The flowers are star-shaped and have a quality of looking like one flower that is inside another.

With five narrow and elongated blue-purple sepals, with five velvety petals in a purple tone with white touches in the center.

It blooms in spring and the flowers last for a short time (from 4 days to a week), gradually losing their color.

The fruit is small, drupe type, brown in color.

Petrea volubilis care

Tropical plant  that can be used in structures with trellises or pergolas , as well as warm gardens where the temperature is mild all year round.

It does not tolerate intense cold or frost. But if it is resistant to drought.

It needs to be located in full sun so that the production of flowers is favorable. But if the summers are very hot, a semi-shady location is better.

As for the soil, it should be rich, light, somewhat acidic, but moist all the time.

Irrigation should be moderate.

The compost that works well is humus, compost, or mature organic matter. In addition, flowering can be promoted with a fertilizer rich in potassium.

It is usually a species that does not present significant problems from pest or disease attacks. Although it could present damage by aphids.

It is propagated by means of seeds or cuttings.

What do you think of this beautiful specimen? Did you know it? If so, do not stop telling your experience.

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