Pilea cadieri, indoor plant that beautifies any corner with its leaves

Pilea cadieri also known as Mother of Pearl , Pilea, Fireworks Plant (because of the way the pollen is spread) or Artillery Plant . It belongs to the Urticaceae family, of the genus Pilea, which is made up of about 200 species of plants. It is originally from Vietnam.

The name Pilea has its origin in the Latin word Pileus, which means hair.

Characteristics of the Pilea cadieri

Herbaceous plant , annual or perennial, that does not exceed 30 cm in height.

The leaves are alternate, oval in shape and can be whole or toothed, with silver or bronze veins.

The flowers are small, usually in panicle inflorescences that are of no ornamental value.

Pilea cadieri care

It is used as an indoor plant, but can be understood as a kind of outdoor.

It requires an exposure in semi-shade, if it is grown outdoors. While if it is kept indoors it should be well lit without direct sun.

The minimum temperature in winter is 14 ° C, although it can survive lower temperatures if it is not watered.

As for the soil, the ideal is garden soil, 1/4 of peat and 1/4 of sand. For transplantation it is better to do it at the end of winter.

Irrigation  should be frequent but with little amount of water. Enough so that the soil is moist but not soggy. For this it is best once a week in the spring and summer. In addition, it requires spraying the leaves with lime-free water.

Pruning is not necessary, but it can be pointed so that it has a more compact bearing.

The fertilizer should be done every 15 days with extract of algae, slightly moving the surface of the earth.

The worst enemy for this plant is not the pests themselves, but rather the excess moisture that can rot the stems and cause a considerable problem.

It can be multiplied from cuttings or seeds that are sown in late winter, or early spring.

It can also be rooted by placing the end in a glass of water until the roots emerge.

So even if it is a specimen of flowers of little ornamental value, the leaves manage to give that unique touch wherever it is placed.

Image courtesy of: Maja Dumat , TANAKA Juuyoh           

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