Plants against mosquitoes

The mosquito

Mosquitoes belong to a family of insects that has 3540 species that have the characteristic of having a particular mouth apparatus, in females, which allows them to bite other animals and take their blood. The ideal habitat of mosquitoes, in the first phase of their life, is represented by both fresh and brackish stagnant waters of different extension and depth. Adults tend to live in man-made environments close to the humid areas of birth. They have crepuscular and nocturnal habits, taking refuge during the day in cool and shady cavities like the hollow of trees. The injected saliva is able to trigger more or less important allergic reactions based on individual sensitivity, so they do not represent a serious health problem in the absence of communicable diseases.

Plants against mosquitoes

There are many methods to keep mosquitoes away, in fact creams, sprays, candles, mosquito nets can be used, but there is a natural remedy that is interesting from a decorative point of view. This is because there are several plants that grown in the garden or on the terrace keep mosquitoes away from homes. The main plants that can be grown to keep mosquitoes away are: Citronella, Basil, Lavender, Catnip, Calendula, Geranium, Catambra, Agerato, Monarda. which has a bushy character and a citrus scent. It is possible to grow it both in the garden and in pots in a place that is not too sunny. Citronella can stand the cold, so in winter it should be put in a sheltered place.

The basil

Basil is a plant that is usually grown for cooking, but it can be useful for warding off mosquitoes. The plant resists well to temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees centigrade, but is very afraid of stagnation of water.Lavender has beautiful flowers that are also cultivated for their beauty, it is a plant that needs very little care and adapts easily living in arid and stony soils and also in direct sun exposure. The ideal soil is clayey and well drained, because it does not tolerate stagnation of water. Cat grass is an ornamental and medicinal plant. The plant contains menthol, a substance that is very repellent for insects thanks to the intense scent it emanates. To be avoided in case you own cats, because they are attracted to them.

Plants against the tiger mosquito

The plants that are usually used against common mosquito species are obviously also very effective against the tiger mosquito. Calendula is a herbaceous plant that has orange flowers that bloom throughout the summer until November. It is a plant that loves the sun, but also adapts easily to growing indoors. The soil must be soft and not too acidic.Geranium is a highly cultivated ornamental plant that adapts easily even to high temperatures, not directly exposed to the sun, but fears the cold.The Catambra does not present particular precautions since it lives well both outdoors. shade and sun. Agerato has purplish blue flowers and a long flowering suitable for flower beds. Monarda has similar characteristics to Citronella.

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