Plants and herbs that naturally repel mosquitoes

Before mosquito repellants existed, our ancestors already knew that there were plants and herbs that naturally repel mosquitoes thanks to their essential oils.

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Place a pot of basil on your picnic table to give your dishes a tasty aroma, and keep mosquitoes away , as it is one of the few plants that naturally repels mosquitoes without crushing the leaves and having to rub them. on your skin.


Peppermint leaves can repel mosquitoes thanks to the essential oils found in its leaves as well as in its flowers and stems. Place potted mint in the areas you want to keep these little insects away. Make a homemade mosquito repellent by combining peppermint scented oils with apple cider vinegar.


Cats may love this herb, but mosquitoes do not. Catnip has a substance called nepetalactone that attracts felines and keeps mosquitoes away, so it is likely to be found in commercial repellants.


Yes, believe it or not, this amazing plant with its heavenly scent and great colors can keep mosquitoes away. Plant it in pots or in your garden so that flies, fleas, moths, and mosquitoes do not appear. Place it in a sunny area or near the entrance of your house. You can also use the oil that is extracted from its flowers to naturally repel mosquitoes and apply it to the skin.


Laurel helps you repel mosquitoes , flies, and other insects. Its essential oils give it that function. If you want to avoid moths you can also put some leaves in the closet. In addition to acting as a repellent, this plant has culinary uses and serves to enhance the flavor of soups, roasted meats and stews.


The essential oils of Citronella plants are effective in keeping mosquitoes out of the garden .

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