Plants of great resistance to the test of the most clueless gardener

If gardening isn’t your thing or you don’t have a lot of extra time, but you feel like the plants look spectacular. Do not despair that there are ways to create incredible spaces with species of great resistance , which adapt very well.

Plants with great resistance

Spider plant

All this beautiful plant needs is soil with good drainage, natural light but not directly, and watering must be sporadic to make it look resplendent. Only reduce watering in the winter months. It is a very decorative species in a hanging pot or basket.


Jade belongs to the succulent family and is very easy to care for. It adapts to various environments and is said to be good luck. It loves direct light and no watering is necessary if the soil feels damp. So it is convenient to water it with water and every six months with a water soluble fertilizer.

Christmas cactus

It is a very beautiful plant that requires similar care to indoor plants. It likes bright light and watering is necessary once or twice a week (making sure the soil is dry). As the Christmas season approaches, this species will be able to give you beautiful flowers that last a couple of weeks. So in a window, in the hall or in a hanging basket it will look spectacular.

Lily of peace

Plant with an unmistakable white flower that is very decorative and highly resistant. It only requires direct light and water, without watering too much. Clean the sheets from time to time with a damp cloth, as dust tends to adhere easily. 

Zamioculcas zamifolia

Plant that receives direct sun, as long as it is soft and indirect. Watering should be regular and in moderation. If the leaves turn yellow, it means that watering has been exceeded. In a pot of considerable size it will grow abundant and green.

Elastic ficus

It is a bright plant, but it does not like direct sun or near drafts. When the cold is present, it is better that you water it one or two months a month.


The cactus likes abundant sun, especially in the morning. Like succulents, the cactus is able to withstand drought and has the ability to retain water in the stems and leaves. So it is convenient to water once and do it again when the soil is dry, as it is sensitive to moisture.

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