Plants that bloom in the shade

We already know that hostas and impatiens are shade lovers, but there are many other plant options that bloom in the shade . Pay attention to your planting area for a few days to see what kind of light it receives at different times of the day. Partial shade means it receives no more than four hours of direct sunlight. Some sun-loving plants probably tolerate a little shade, and some shade plants can probably tolerate a little sun, especially in the morning. These shade-loving plants will be able to illuminate any dark corner of your garden with their striking color.

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The large clusters of hydrangea flowers will give your garden great interest during the fall and winter. They come in a myriad of colors and sizes. Most tolerates a little sun, although the truth is that they love the shade.


These shade-blooming plants are low-maintenance and come in a wide range of colors: pink, white, red, salmon, and orange. Some species are grown more for their beautiful foliage than for their flowers. Begonias thrive just as well both in the garden and in pots.


Ferns are much tougher than they actually appear and reappear after harsh winters. These plants come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, and they love shade. Many prefer moist soils, but tolerate drought once established.


This gorgeous exotic-looking perennial , also known as a ground orchid, blooms in early spring in purple, white, and pink. Its flowers will last more than six weeks. It is an unusual plant for hot climates and can be kept indoors if you plant it in a pot.


It is a dense and rounded bush that does not need much care. It is cold tolerant and will accept partial sun. It comes in various colors and sizes.


Its huge heart-shaped leaves offer a lot of drama. Caladium is tropical , so it loves the heat. If you live in a cool climate, pot it so you can bring it inside and enjoy it as a houseplant during the winter.

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