Plants that can decorate a pond

Having a water garden will allow you to enjoy plants and flowers that cannot be grown in another environment. If you are looking for suitable plants for a pond , then this information can be of great help. So pay attention to the listing.

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Ideal pond plants


This plant is of incomparable beauty. It has the peculiarity of growing quickly, so it is not necessary to add plants to the pond. It produces a large number of flowers and leaves during the summer and can be placed in the deeper areas of the pond. They are planted in containers with a quality substrate and a slow release water lily fertilizer is advised. They are species that enjoy open and sunny places with few demands.

Statiotes aloides

This species is within the family of plants for water gardens, that is, it does not require soil because the roots float below the surface of the water. They have pointed leaves, bloom in the summer and require deep water. During the fall they submerge and remain there until spring.

Iris ensata

Irises are plants that grow on the banks of water sources. There are very beautiful varieties and they also grow on the edges of ponds where the depth of the water does not exceed 15 cm. It blooms in late spring and early summer.

Nelumbo nucifera

The beautiful lotus flower is one of the most common to have in large ponds, as its leaves and flowers grow vertically above the water without having to rest on the surface. It is of Asian origin and requires a good depth for its roots to take root. It is an aquatic plant that prefers direct light throughout the day and one of its main characteristics is its resistance to pests and diseases.

Egeria densa

This species is suitable for ponds and although it does not stand out for its beauty, it is very beneficial because it oxygenates the place. The growth occurs under water and although its size is not appreciated, it fulfills the vital function in the health of the pond, being a solution for gardens. It is easy to grow, requires good lighting and can grow up to one meter.

As you will see, the aquatic world has great varieties of plants that are beautiful . So choose those that meet what you need and bring that pond to life

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