Plants that prefer acidic soils

There are many plants that prefer acidic soils and are therefore unable to grow in other types of soils. If your garden does not have an acid soil, the plants that I will leave you next can be grown in pots providing it with this type of substrate. When we refer to acid soils, we are talking about those that have a pH lower than 6. If you do not have much knowledge about this type of soil, read on.

If you have a garden with a pH of 6.5, this is ideal for growing any plant, but if you have a pH of 5.5 or lower, it will be too acidic soil, so you can only grow acidophilic ericaceous plants such as heather.

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7 plants that prefer acidic soils

1. Pieris

It is a perfect shrub for acid soils . Place it in half shade and never overdo it with watering and fertilizers. One of its varieties has intense red buds and white flowers.

2. Calluna vulgaris

It has flowers that can be pink, red, white or purple and that appear in summer. It adapts very well to both sun and partial shade, and should be watered moderately in spring and summer.

3. Camellia


It is a sophisticated perennial shrub that has red or pink flowers, but there is also a variety whose flowers are white. It is perfect to place in a place with partial sun or shade.

4. Erica

This heather can bloom at any time of the year and can grow up to 60 cm tall. You can find it with white flowers such as purple or pink. It grows in full sun, although it can be adapted to partial shade. Water it with rainwater.

5. Witch hazel

Some varieties of this plant have very pretty flowers in late winter. This plant does not withstand drought, so it should be given moderately in spring-summer. To avoid any kind of problems, place it in semi-shade or in full sun if the humidity is very high.

6. Pachysandra terminalis

Pachysandra is a perfect plant for upholstering floors thanks to its foliage. Withstands extreme shade, so you can place it under large trees or shrubs.

7. Skimmia

It is a shrub with attractive flowers that resists strong frosts. Plant it in the shade or semi-shade, since it doesn’t adapt to full sun. Water abundantly and mulch because it does not withstand drought.

Don’t forget that these plants that prefer acidic soils must be watered with rainwater or non-calcareous water, otherwise, over time they will remove the acidity from the soil and the plants will die.

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