Plants with unique abilities

All plants have something that makes them unique. However, there are those with extraordinary abilities that will amaze you. So let’s get to know a few.

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Plants with amazing abilities

Huran crackle

Typical tree of South America , especially of the Amazon and the Orinoco basin. It is also known as Jabillo and it is easily recognized by its height of about 60 m, but especially by its bark covered with poisonous sharp spikes, which is used for arrows. But also its fruits when exploding eject the seeds at high speed that can cause injuries.

Dionea flytrap

The flytrap dionea is a carnivorous plant well known for its rapid movements. It reacts to touch by closing the two lobes of its leaves when an insect comes into contact with the sensitive hairs that are located in these lobes.

Ceratocaryum argentum

Native to South Africa from the Cape, with a very peculiar way of dispersing the seeds. It produces highly aromatic berries that look like antelope droppings, which attracts oil beetles that they use as a shelter, egg deposit and food store. So when the berry is in motion it spreads the seeds.

Desmodium motorium

Another member of this classification that is capable of rapid movements is the Desmodium motorium shrub or traffic light plant . The lateral leaflets are two small leaves that are in the petiole of the same and can move up and down that can last between 3 to 5 minutes. This movement allows the angle of the large blades to be adjusted in order to receive the maximum light energy.

Vachellia drepanolobium

It is a species of acacia from East Africa, which has diplomatic relations with certain ants. This is because it serves as a defense against herbivores such as giraffes and elephants. It is also known as a whistling thorn for the characteristic sound it produces when the wind blows through the bulbs. 

Sensitive mimosa

The sensitive mimosa belongs to the Fabaeae group, being indigenous to the countries of tropical America. It is a very peculiar species and has the ability to react to touch, its response consists of folding the leaflets of its leaves.

There is no doubt that nature always surprises us with plants of unique beauty. But these magnificent species have that extra that makes them even better. But do you know of others? If so, tell us which ones and how they react to a stimulus.

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