Platycapnos spicata, a plant that arranges its flowers in clusters

Platycapnos spicata also known as Droplets of Christ’s blood, Bunnies, Popcorn  or Palomillas . It belongs to the family of As Fumariáceas. Being native to the Mediterranean, specifically from the Iberian Peninsula.

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Platycapno  is derived from the Greek words “Platy” which means width, for its leaves and “capnos” which is smoke. Spicata means spike.

The allusion to the smoke of this family is due to the juice of this majority of species that causes the eyes to water, just as the smoke enters them.

Characteristics of the Platycapnos spicata

Annual plant of a height of 45 cm. With ascending and glaucous stems.

The leaves are deeply divided by filiform leaf segments.

The flowers are zygomorphic, arranged in long pedunculated terminal racemes. While the upper part purple with a yellow spot and the rest white. It blooms in February and August.

The fruit is an achene, flattened with a thickened margin that opens into two valves.

The seeds are flat, dark brown in color and concentric striae.

Platycapnos spicata care

It is a plant  that lives in vacant lots, boundaries, gutters and fallow fields. As well as cultivated fields and sowings.

It needs full sun exposure so it can thrive optimally.

As for the soil, it predominates in basic substrates, with altered, nitrified soils, from dry to fresh.

Irrigation is moderate.

It spreads through its seeds. It is pollinated by insects.


Species that has active principles, mucilages, vitamins, alkaloids and mineral salts.

It is used as a diuretic, hypotensive and purifying plant. But its consumption is not recommended, since it can cause adverse effects to the body.

As you can see, it is a little-known plant but of great beauty that can never go unnoticed.

So if you know more about this species, don’t hesitate to tell us everything.

Image courtesy of: John Tann , Andrey Zharkikh

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