Pompadour or marigolds for bed bug pests, aphids, ants, worms and fungi

The Tagetes Patula , are popularly known by names such as tagetes, damasquina, pompadour, carnation of moro.

It is an annual plant native to Mexico belonging to the Asteraceae family. It grows to between 30 and 60 cm tall, has many dark green leaves and these are toothed and elongated, the flowers are hermaphroditic and have yellow colors with orange tones.

It is very common to see marigolds in some parks and gardens because of how colorful and showy their flowers are.

This plant is traditionally used in organic farming as a natural remedy for the pests of some insects due to its properties. You can also use it to keep pests away from your garden without using toxic synthetic products.

Damasquina has antifungal action (it fights fungi) and also repels some of the insects that cause pests in orchards and gardens.

How to use marigolds to prevent and combat pests in the orchard and garden

We are going to use the damasquina or carnation of moro to elaborate natural preparations that help us to prevent and fight pests that can appear in our orchard or garden such as whiteflies, bed bugs, aphids, worms, mosquitoes, nematodes, ants and fungi.

Growing it in the garden and garden: Marigolds are very useful to prevent pests of nematodes, cabbage butterfly in crops such as potatoes, tomatoes, cabbages or parsley.

Making a macerate: To prevent or combat pests we can also make a preparation with the leaves of the plant. You need 1 kilo of fresh leaves for every liter of water. Crush the leaves a little first and place them in a bucket or bowl. Add as much water as kilos of leaves you use, for example, if you have added two kilos of leaves you will need two liters of water. Cover it partially and let it marinate in a dark place for 6 hours. Then strain and dilute one liter of this preparation for every 15 liters of water.

Spray on the foliage and in general on the aerial part of the plants that you want to protect or treat for the pests that we have indicated before.

In preventive case, apply once a week for three weeks in a row.

If you are going to use it to treat a plague, apply every 3 days for a maximum of 2 weeks. Then leave a period of 3 weeks until you reapply it.

This preparation lasts a month in the fridge or refrigerator. Remember to put a label on what it is and when it was prepared.

We can also use the roots of the pompadour , since they have a powerful effect on ants, nematodes and aphids, so if you have a plague of any of them or want to inhibit the growth of unwanted spontaneous plants , you can make the maceration with 100 grams of ground or chopped roots with 2 liters of water for 8 hours. Then strain and dilute a liter of this preparation by 10 of water and spray it once or twice a week on the area to be treated. .


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