Powdery mildew zucchini

What is powdery mildew

Powdery mildew is one of the main threats of garden crops and in particular of curcubitaceae, cucumbers and courgettes. Also known as “white disease” due to the white spots it causes on infected crops, powdery mildew is a fungal disease that, once spread, is difficult to eradicate: observing its presence in a timely manner is therefore essential to prevent damage is many. The spots in fact spread in a short time becoming wider and wider, to create a white patina that covers the leaf preventing it from covering the entire leaf, thus making it dry. Once the fungal disease has spread, the plant is compromised and its recovery is difficult: this is why prevention is essential. L’


Prevention is particularly important for a disorder that is difficult to combat and easy to spread: the first important action to take is to ensure that powdery mildew never has a fertile environment available to proliferate. Between the rows of courgettes and, in general, of the crops, it is good to leave enough space to favor the recirculation of air, thus also avoiding direct contact between the leaves of the different plants. The exchange of air must also be favored between the leaves of the same plant, eliminating the oldest and now dry ones, especially near the fruits. Water stagnation is also to be avoided, as it favors the spread of this and many other fungal and parasitic diseases. Better to water at dawn and at scrolling, avoiding the

Powdery mildew zucchini: Remedies

Eliminating powdery mildew, once it has colonized a plant, is not at all easy. If the plant is not recoverable, however, it is important to intervene in a timely manner by uprooting and disposing of it away from other crops in the garden: the spores, in fact, could easily reach other plants by air, ruining entire crops. The fight can be chemical or even biological, thanks to the use of antifungal products based on sulfur. The treatment can be repeated several times during the year, to be sure that the disorder does not return to proliferate, ruining the courgettes and other nearby crops. It should be remembered, however, that sulfur has preventive power: it is not currently possible to eliminate the infestation, but it will only be possible to eliminate the affected leaves, if they are not many,

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