Power Tools for the Garden: what are they and what advantages do they have

As on other occasions, we have looked for new events and demonstrations on urban gardening and gardens, and this time we have ended up attending a demonstration of power tools for the garden and machines for the garden .

Power tools for the garden and orchard

In the Category «How to cultivate the garden» we already talked about necessary tools to cultivate , but this time I wanted to include this new post about tools also in the Category «News, News and Updates «. Why? Well, because these  new tools for the garden and the urban garden have something special, new.

Today we will talk about this new type of non-polluting machines , its advantages and why power tools for the garden are beneficial for the environment and the well-being of people .

They are machines that do not have a fuel tank or a gasoline engine , but rather work thanks to an electric motor . The motor is  powered by a lithium battery that can be conveniently charged from any outlet.

Depending on the size of the machine, this battery has a larger or smaller size (it will not be the same, of course, the battery needed for an automatic pruning shears as for a brush cutter or a chainsaw), but in any case its weight is very low: from 0.5 to 2 kg  (weight and size also depend on the autonomy or capacity of each battery).

As you can see from the pictures, there are lighter and smaller batteries that can be clipped onto an adaptable belt , and others that are built into a comfortable harness or backpack . There are even batteries to which two tools can be connected at the same time , to have available, for example, a small chainsaw in one hand and a pruning shears in the other.

Garden Power Tools Battery

The battery life is equal to or greater than a full working day: 8 to 15 hours (depending on the type of machine that is connected to it). And depending on the model,  it takes 5 to 9 hours for a battery to fully charge from a typical electrical outlet.


They are very powerful gardening machines and tools ( up to 2000 W of power ),  and they are much more efficient, faster and more comfortable .


Another positive aspect is that these machines require much less maintenance , since the electric motors do not have parts that can wear out and they are also brushless motors.

In addition to these, there are many other advantages and benefits of using garden tools and power machines. We are going to see some related to the environment and the safety and health of the people who use them.

Advantages of power tools

Advantages for the environment 

  • Benefits for the Environment: reduction of noise pollution and air pollution

Conventional garden machines, such as gasoline blowers or brushcutters, generate a lot of noise. Noise pollution has negative effects on our daily lives, and that is why many people in cities complain or express their dissatisfaction directly to workers when they are carrying out their garden maintenance work. We all know how uncomfortable these noises are when they are working next to our window in work meetings, at school, or just taking a walk …

Thanks to the new technology of these power tools for the garden, the noise level is significantly reduced, making the work more comfortable for the person who uses them and also for those around.

As we have spoken other times on the blog, air pollution in cities is a serious problem ,  and we should all do our bit to make the environment cleaner and less polluted. One of the ways to alleviate this problem is the installation of urban gardens, roof gardens, parks … that capture part of the CO2 emitted by cars, heating systems or factories. The other basic way to end pollution is to reduce the use of fuel: replace cars and machines with gasoline or diesel engines with machines with electric motors, as is the case with these power tools for the garden.

Advantages for people

  • Reduction of damage to people and vehicles

The use of brushcutters with conventional heads can produce dangerous situations when they project objects located on the ground. It is necessary to take certain precautions as these machines can cause stones to be thrown due to the high speed of rotation of the grass trimmer or blade, which discharges materials at high speed and usually causes damage, especially to vehicle windows. , bodies, bicycles and even pedestrians.

What we saw as new in these power tools for the garden is that the brushcutters have an anti-projection head, with 2 cutting discs that rotate in the opposite direction. This type of head completely eliminates this problem since objects and cut vegetation debris are never projected.

  • Greater comfort, safety and health for workers who use these machines compared to the use of conventional machines or hand tools

On the day of the Bahco electric gardening machinery demonstration that we attended in a park in Madrid, there were operators working and testing these machines. They themselves told us that power tools for the garden have many benefits for their well-being.

Some of the reasons they gave us to work with this type of machine were:

  • Low noise level in your work
  • Unpolluted air is breathed
  • The level of vibrations is minimal compared to conventional machines
  • The weight of the machines is much less
  • They are more comfortable : it is more convenient to carry a lithium battery in a small backpack or on a belt than to carry a heavy machine that has a built-in gasoline engine and tank
  • Higher working speed and less physical effort, so much less time is needed , especially in those jobs for which manual tools are normally used, such as secateurs or hedge trimmers. In this case, when using a machine with an electric motor, the force required to open and close the scissors, for example, is minimal, thus reducing tendon and muscle problems.

How to use garden tools

Almost anyone can use these garden machines . They are lighter and more comfortable than conventional ones, since the “bulk” of the weight is carried on the back, in a small backpack that incorporates the machine’s battery, or on the belt (in the case of small batteries). As they do not have an engine with a fuel tank, they are light and easy to handle and move.

It is true that not everyone wants or can afford to buy one of these electric machinesThe price is higher than that of conventional gasoline-powered machines and, of course, that of hand tools; but all its benefits and the novelty of its design and functionality deserve it …

They are perfect, for example, for winegrowers who have to prune their vines or for professional gardeners . The speed of work is much higher, so that many more jobs can be done in less time and amortize in the short term the investment in machines and power tools .

Also for garden maintenance companies or urban orchards, or for gardening services of city councils . In addition to reducing noise pollution , a major problem in large cities, working with these machines requires less physical effort, and operators will be much more efficient in their work. In addition, as we have seen, the risk of suffering muscle problems and conditions in the tendons of the hands , very common after the continued use of manual gardening tools , is reduced .

In addition, there are also small power tools for the urban garden (Image 2), such as the electric brush cutter for removing weeds , the electric weeder or the pruning shears for horticultural or  garden hedges

Until here today’s post! You can give your opinion or impressions in the comment thread below if you have used this type of electric garden machines or if you are thinking of buying one. Also Greetings!

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