Propagation and care of Protea

The Protea is a genus that includes about 60 different species . Most of them are located in South Africa, especially in the Cape Province. But thanks to their high ornamental value they were introduced to Europe, enjoying great popularity.

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Protea care

It is a plant that requires a warm climate to live. But it is not capable of withstanding cold or frost. To do this, it would have to be protected in harsh winters.

As for the soil, it must be arid to obtain strong and healthy roots. Also, humidity is important, since plants require water to grow.

Drainage is a primary point, so it must act quickly so that it does not flood. So clay balls can be a great option to put inside a pot.

The compost can be universal, or organic as long as the manufacturer’s instructions are followed, since an overdose can kill it.

It should be mentioned that being a plant that has a sweet nectar and, therefore, rich in sugar, insects and birds are attracted to it, becoming its main pollinators.


Protea is a plant that produces many types of flowers of various colors. It can be propagated from the seed with the help of water or smoke, depending on the type (being a more difficult method). Even cuts can also produce protea hybrids.


As for the seeds, they will not be able to germinate unless they have absorbed the water. After exposure to smoke or low soil temperatures, seeds must be exposed to various combinations of water and other chemicals in order to free them from their dormant state.


Protea hybrids are propagated by cuttings. By this means, it will be guaranteed that the plant will grow with exactly the same genetic characteristics as its matrix. This work takes place at the end of the summer.

It should only be taken into account that depending on the variety of protea it will have different growth cycles and needs.

So knowing the beauty of its flowers, it would be worthwhile to start propagating it so that it can give that unique touch to the garden or green space. Are you up for it? Or do you already have a copy? If so, tell us all about its reproduction.

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