Properties, benefits and uses of Argan Oil

The argan oil obtained from the seeds of the fruit of the tree Argania spiny, natural Morocco. Did you know that this oil is known as green gold ? This is due to the properties and benefits of using argan oil in cosmetics and beauty to care for the skin, face and hair .

If you like to take care of yourself naturally, in addition to using argan oil, you can also use other oils to provide other types of benefits such as sweet almond oil or rosehip oil .

When looking for an oil, make sure it is pure, cold-pressed and organically grown so that you can make sure that you get a product of the best quality.

In this article, you will discover what argan oil is good for.

Argan oil properties

Argan oil is rich in vitamin E , essential fatty acids, carotenoids, squalene, lupeol, phytosterols, and polyphenols.

This oil has a regenerating, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, antioxidant, and softening action.

It is great to use in masks to take care of the skin of the face and the back of the body and also for the hair.

Argan oil benefits and uses

As I mentioned, this oil can be used on the face, on the body and on the hair, which is why it is very interesting because with a single product we can use it for different parts of the body. You can use it on its own or add it as another ingredient to your homemade creams and masks .

  • Helps maintain younger and more cared-for skin
  • Nourishes and hydrates the skin in depth
  • Delays the appearance of wrinkles and smoothes and reduces very marked wrinkles
  • Argan oil can be used as a makeup remover
  • Prevents stretch marks or helps reduce them if you already have them
  • Stimulates the regeneration of skin cells
  • It is used on the hair to hydrate damaged ends by applying it before or after washing
  • Argan oil improves acne cases
  • Relieves redness on the face and irritated skin
  • Give softness and smoothness to your skin by applying this oil

How to use argan oil

1. For the skin : It is one of the best options to use on dry heels . You just have to apply the oil giving a little massage until you see that it has been absorbed and then you put on some socks. Let the oil work throughout the night and in the morning you will notice your feet much softer and more hydrated.

2. For hair : Another way I like to use this oil is as a mask for damaged, frizzy or frizzy hair . Apply a small amount of product to the hair, covering well the most conflictive areas, collect the hair in a bun and put on a shower cap. Leave it on for several hours, or overnight and then wash your hair as you normally do.


There are not many differences between argan oil and rosehip oil , although perhaps the main one is that rosehip oil is photosensitive, that is, light can reduce its effects, so it is advisable to use the oil rosehip at night. But it also has great properties such as anti-wrinkle, healing, to prevent stretch marks, etc.

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