Reasons to stop using the microwave for good

Microwaves are a source of electromagnetic energy that irradiate the water molecules in food, causing their rotation and violent friction and then heating them. Does that sound like a healthy and habitual way to prepare your food? Obviously it is not, that is why the use of the microwave is associated with infertility in men, among other conditions and the denaturation of food making them more difficult to digest and in the case of some vitamins making their absorption impossible. Even food can lose its nutritional value by between 60 and 97%

On the other hand, there is the problem of radiation leakage when the microwave is in operation, which has been shown to cause birth defects, cataracts, cancer and other serious diseases.

Studies by Swiss doctor Hans Ulrich, dedicated to the food industry, showed that cooking and heating food in the microwave causes damage to the blood and lymphocytes (whose job is to produce antibodies to fight infections). This doctor verified how the use of the microwave caused damage to the blood of the participants who took part in the research.

Dr. Lita Lee in her book “Health Effects of Microwave Radiation” states that the electromagnetic radiation to which food is subjected makes it very harmful to health, making it toxic and carcinogenic.

In the magazine Raum & Zeit they published an article in which the results of a study are published that concludes ” the destruction of atoms, molecules and cells of food that cannot withstand such destructive radiation is inevitable, becoming toxic

As if all these data were not enough, we must add the harmful effects that appear due to the use of plastic containers that are used in the case of pre-cooked meals and that in the vast majority of cases contain endocrine disruptors , associated with infertility , tumors, diabetes, obesity, etc.

Steam cook as much as possible, this will ensure that the vast majority of nutrients in food are not lost and also try to use materials and utensils made of glass, wood, ceramic (unglazed), titanium or porcelain (unglazed) to avoid the accumulation of heavy metals in your body.


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