Reasons why succulents change color

If you are a lover of plants, especially succulents,  perhaps it has already happened to you that they change color, the one that was purple at first is now green or vice versa. However, you do not know the reasons that lead her to modify that tonality . So do not have any more doubts that I will tell you the reasons below.

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Succulent plants

There are thousands of succulents  that are classified in various families. Most of them belong to cacti, aizoaceae, euphorbiaceae, and crassulaceae, each with thousands of species. All of great beauty, but the effect of its color does not necessarily have to do with its flower. So you know why.

Why do succulents change their hue

Irrigation . When plants are fed correctly, you are always grateful. There are succulents that change from green to a more vibrant one such as pink or purple, as they feel very good with care, which includes adequate watering .

Cold temperature . The ideal temperature for succulents is warm, this means that it is between 21 and 24˚C, but as temperatures drop it can cause stress and this is notorious. They go from being green, orange, blue or purple to deep orange or red. This does not mean that it is dying (in all cases). Although if the succulent begins to be gray, it means that it is freezing and, for this, you can place it inside the room or keep it protected.

Light . There are species that lose color when they do not receive natural light, so they must be exposed to sunlight for at least 4 hours.


  • Do not overdo the watering, as it can cause problems or diseases.
  • Place them in a place with natural light, at least a few hours a day.
  • Generate link. Not only do they fulfill an aesthetic purpose, but they are also a source of life, so they require love and attention.

In conclusion, it is gratifying to see how the plants appreciate the care that they are given. Observing a range of colors, shapes, aromas in that garden or pot is unmatched. So you just have to be on the lookout for them so that they are always healthy. Don’t you think? Do you have succulents? Have they changed color? tell us what you’ve done about it.

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