Recipes and uses of homemade and ecological products to clean the kitchen

The kitchen is a place in our home that must always be clean. It is where we handle food and we must take special care with cleaning this area of ​​the house .

To keep it clean (without costing us getting intoxicated with harmful chemicals) I show you these simple homemade cleaners that I make and that are very effective.

Soil : for the soil there is nothing better than water and white vinegar, in addition to leaving it very shiny, it cleans it thoroughly, even grease. Use a ratio of 3 parts water to 1 vinegar. In conflictive stains you can add the vinegar directly, let it act for a few minutes and scrub.

Dishwasher : a very simple and cheap way to make it spotless is with…. yes, vinegar. Use after use in the dishwasher, lime builds up and traces of dried foam, etc. From time to time it needs to be cleaned thoroughly, which you can do by putting a medium bowl (or two small ones) on the top tray with vinegar (undiluted in water). I also encourage you to make a natural dishwasher soap

Oven : cleaning the oven cheaply and ecologically is very simple. Spray water on the walls, the base and the door (inside) and then add baking soda , spray a little water again and leave it overnight. In the morning all the dirt will come out without problems.

Countertop and table : Very easy to clean in different ways, such as diluting 1 part of hydrogen peroxide to two parts of water in a spray bottle. It is especially interesting to eliminate mold that can occur in some parts of the kitchen and to disinfect. Another cleaner for countertops and tables can be made by diluting bicarbonate (1 part baking soda to 3 parts of water) and add a few drops of lemon essential oil ,   essential oil of tea tree , lavender essential oil , pine essential oil , oil thyme essential, among others, that can be used to disinfect, deep clean and leave a great aroma in the kitchen. With about 10/15 drops of essential oil for half a liter of water is enough.

 – Cabinets : unless they have stubborn stains, you only need to spray them with water and baking soda and clean with a cloth or microfiber cloth. If there are stains or more complicated areas, simply add vinegar directly and let it act for a while.

Sink or sink : It is one of the areas that is cleaned the most and most used. Daily you can use the baking soda in a spray along with some essential oil, such as lemon. For a more thorough cleaning it is better to spray with the aforementioned mixture of diluted hydrogen peroxide and thus eliminate any mold that may have due to humidity.

Fridge or refrigerator: it can be cleaned with a part of bicarbonate, another of hydrogen peroxide and two of running water. Spray all areas well and leave for a few minutes before wiping the chamois. Baking soda removes odors, so it is not a bad idea to leave a few pinches of baking soda in a small container (or several) to keep the refrigerator odor-free.

Collecting, you can make cleaners from:

  1. Vinegar + water
  2. Baking soda + water
  3. Hydrogen peroxide + water
  4. Bicarbonate + Hydrogen peroxide + water
  5. Baking soda + essential oils + water

I recommend that you try different combinations and see which one is more effective and comfortable for your needs.


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