Rent orchard in Valencia … what better place than in Tomba L’Olla

If you want to grow the vegetables and greens that you put on your table but you don’t have a place at home, renting a garden can be a good option and, if you live in Valencia, Tomba L’Olla offers you everything you need to start this adventure. .

What is Tomab L’Olla?

Tomba l’Olla Horts Sostenibles is a project that began in early 2013 and with which we want to bring traditional agriculture closer to anyone who wants to enjoy the countryside, its harvest and the consumption of their own products.

Where are the orchards located?

The orchards are located in the town of Meliana (Valencia), in the middle of the orchard, 10 minutes from the capital Valencia, at the beginning of the bike lane of said town and 5 minutes from the stop of line 3 of the Valencia Metro.
All the land is fenced around the perimeter, providing our users with an indoor parking lot where they can leave their private vehicle and their own key to access it.

What agricultural techniques are used?

At Tomba L’Olla they are committed to  organic farming , which protects the environment and also provides vegetables of a superior quality and flavor. To this end, artificial chemicals are dispensed with to eliminate pests or to fertilize, replacing them with ecological techniques that fulfill the same function, such as biosolarization.

The biosolarization of the land to be cultivated  consists of spreading manure throughout the moistened land and covering it with a transparent plastic to expose it to sunlight, thus reaching high temperatures that are lethal for microorganisms, bacteria and weeds , but which in turn help the soil fertilization.

What facilities do the orchards have?

The Tomba l’Olla Horts Sostenibles plots are distributed to the left and right of a central corridor through which the irrigation canalization runs.

In each plot there is therefore an irrigation door to be able to irrigate with a blanket and the pre-installation of drip irrigation in case of wanting to make better use of the water. These plots also measure a minimum of 40 real square meters.

The tools to work the land and cultivate are shared and are stored in a room designated for this purpose, where users can leave their belongings.

Gardening training and advice

Often the  training and advice are essential, as there are people interested in cultivating their own garden they can not dare to do so because they have no knowledge of previous experience in agriculture or farming. But at Tomba L’Olla this will not be a problem.

They will give you all the advice you need on what can be planted at each time of the year, they will teach you everything about how and when it should be planted and cultivated (two people in charge of the orchards are  Agronomists ), lending you a hand and collaborating in as much as possible so that the plot goes forward.

In addition, if you do not have much experience, they can provide you  with the seedlings or seedlings with the already grown seedlings so that you can plant them directly on the ground and save yourself the care of the germination phase; Or, if you prefer, you can buy  the seeds to plant and they teach you how to make the ridges , a task that may seem a bit difficult at first, but with practice is perfected. They have a motocultor (mechanical mule) for the tasks of retreating the field and leaving it ready to start cultivating.

Have a hen in the garden

But Tomba L’Olla not only gives you advice to land and cultivate yourself, the company also offers users orchards other services that will approach even closer to the Ecológic power to , as is the option of sponsoring a chicken campera  and the possibility of collecting organic eggs every week (around 2 dozen eggs per month).

The hens have a free and fenced land, of land where they can take their sand baths, without cages or stress . They feed on specific free-range hen, corn and wheat feed and also eat garden products, such as leftover lettuce, spinach, or chard . They also have an artisanal layer, covered with straw, where they can lay and “cow” their eggs.

Community of Tombalolleros

One of his maxims is to “make pineapple” and meet other “tombalolleros” , that is why every two months a meal is organized where all the users of the orchards attend to share experiences and hobbies. In the last meeting they were presented with a delicious paella of garlic, artichokes, beans, parsley and ribs and all the vegetables were picked that same morning: from the field to the table.

Orchard rental price

These are the prices for renting an orchard in Tomba L’Olla:

  • € 25 per month. This price includes all the services necessary to cultivate the garden: water, tools, advice, compost and drip irrigation pre-installation.
  • If the entire year is paid in a single payment, the price of the garden is € 20 / month.

For those who want to “sponsor a hen”, the price is € 10 in a single payment and then € 5 a month for all the organic eggs that are given 5/6 a week.

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