Researcher discovers a compound in garlic capable of fighting the most aggressive bacteria

If we already know that garlic is an excellent natural remedy for a multitude of conditions, it has now been found in research that ajoene , an antibacterial compound in garlic , is capable of blocking the most aggressive and resistant bacteria. This has been demonstrated by a study carried out by researcher Tim Holm Jackobsen from the University of Copenhagen , Denmark, in which it was possible to verify how ajoene is capable of fighting bacteria , including the most aggressive ones, that produce all kinds of infections.

The infections by increasingly aggressive and antibiotic – resistant bacteria have become an alarming problem, so Jackobsen study provides very relevant information in this area to try and combat these bacteria.

“There is a chemical component in garlic that neutralizes resistant bacteria by paralyzing their communication system, this substance, ajoene, prevents the bacteria from secreting a toxin that destroys white blood cells” Jackobsen

White blood cells are essential in our body, as they are part of the immune system. Ajoen blocks the communication system of bacteria, which is used by bacteria to cause infection .

It is important not to abuse garlic and see it for what it is, a food-medicine , avoid its abuse (every day) and use it only in short and specific stages.


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