Scrog technique inside a PC

Within the world of gardening, especially when it comes to growing indoors, what is known as the “Scrog” technique has been experiencing great popularity and use, as it offers the opportunity to keep plant growth under control., allowing to control both the height and the width of the same.

This offers the possibility of making plants develop perfectly, even within small spaces such as the interior of a PC.

Using this technique, it is possible to make the plants grow to a greater extent allowing the development of their branches, which will stop growing in height in order to keep their development under control.

Through cables for gardening or with cords, the branches of the plant will be inclined downwards in order to prevent them from growing too high, but allowing them to grow horizontally (and it is also possible to use a net to alter their development ).

Why use a PC as a grow box?

The need to create this kind of crop comes directly from the difficulty of not being able to use a large space for those plants that you want to grow.

And is that when growing plants inside a PC you have the opportunity to achieve some discretion without having to use an entire room to grow various plants. Actually, using a small corner of the houses, you can also achieve good crops that have an incomparable quality in the final product.

Also, another reason why you can choose to grow plants in a PC, is to want to use it as a greenhouse for both germination and propagation, which would allow for example; have a space specially focused on cloning cuttings and clones, separating them from those whose purpose is vegetation and flowering.

What instructions must be followed?

Mainly, in order to ensure that the PC to be used works and is really suitable for growing plants, it is necessary to make sure that it can do the following:

Keep the CFL lamps on to allow the plant to carry out its photosynthesis process and to develop.

Use the air extractor to ensure that the interior of the PC receives clean and fresh air, which will allow the level of CO2 to remain always high, favoring the rapid development of the plant and avoiding at the same time that there are puddles or, that the plant is exposed to very high temperatures.

What are the advantages of this growing method?

When grown inside a PC there is the opportunity to get much more compact plants.

The electricity consumption required by this growing method is quite low, so the cultivation will be even much more discreet and will be reflected in the electricity bills, at the same time that it allows to obtain numerous flowers.

Plants may grow throughout the year, because the lamps do not overheat the grow box and its surroundings.

Is auto-flowering cultivation possible?

When preparing a plant to thrive in tight spaces, a great alternative is usually to choose to grow varieties of plants that are self-flowering.

This is due to the fact that this class of varieties usually have little height and do not present great stress problems, in addition, they can perfectly withstand light during dark stages and have a shorter curing time compared to conventional varieties.

This is why, if you are about to start growing plants inside a PC, especially in the first attempts, it is recommended to choose the cultivation of one of these automatic varieties, since they not only allow you to get crops in a shorter period of time. time, but also you can be sure that they will be able to develop without problem because they are short varieties.

Using this alternative growing method, you can have a small green corner at home that allows you to have beautiful plants.



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