Seasonal Foods in Spring: Fruits and Vegetables

Spring is here!

Spring is a season of the year in which many changes take place: the days are longer and we have more hours of light, the temperatures rise, many trees are in bloom and give us their colorful flowers and incredible aromas.

But what some of us like even more is the large amount of fruits and vegetables that we can enjoy at our table during this time of year.

Surely you have realized that our traditional gastronomy in each season of the year goes hand in hand with a series of specific foods. Generations ago they enjoyed food at the time of year when it was harvested and either home-canned , or they could no longer enjoy it at other times throughout the year.

Today we could eat almost any food in any season because they are brought from all over the world to satisfy the demand of some consumers.

But luckily, we are increasingly aware and responsible for what we buy and we pay attention to the origin of the food that we put in our shopping basket. This, in turn, we value and enjoy more the food that is in each season and produced here .

What are seasonal foods?

Seasonal foods are mainly fresh legumes, fruits and vegetables that are harvested at a specific time of the year after their natural life cycle.

What is the difference between a seasonal food and another that is not? Seasonal foods contain higher nutritional content, have a more pronounced aroma and flavor, and it has even been found that eating seasonal foods is better for your health than eating foods from other seasons of the year.

Responsible consumers know that opting for seasonal, organic and local food is the best way to ensure that we put nutritious, tasty food on our table with the least possible environmental impact.

What are the seasonal foods in spring?

If you have doubts about what to buy and what products to avoid in these months, do not worry, we are going to try to set up a calendar of seasonal fruits and vegetables so that you are clear about what foods are in season in spring.

To have a balanced and varied diet, it is recommended to eat several servings of vegetables (cooked and fresh) and fruits a day, and this is not by chance. These foods provide us with very important nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and fiber (which is not a nutrient itself but it is important to take it in sufficient quantity to prevent diseases) so that our body can perform all its functions correctly and we maintain a good general state of health. .

Seasonal vegetables in spring

We can continue to enjoy some of the vegetables that we have tasted in the winter months and we are also incorporating other vegetables that are harvested during the spring months.

In short, take home vegetables such as:

Artichoke, radish, chard, carrot, lettuce, spinach, leek, onion, cabbage, broccoli, asparagus, chives, celery, aubergine, zucchini, young garlic, radish, endive, parsnip, fennel, tomato, new potato, cucumber and pumpkin or squash.

Seasonal fruits in spring

Little by little we are ceasing to see citrus fruits such as oranges and mandarins, kiwis and other fruits that have been accompanying us during the winter to give way to seasonal fruit in spring.

Fill your fruit bowl with:

Apricots, cherries, blueberries, plums, strawberries, medlars, red fruits, pears, bananas, apples, pineapple, peaches, papaya, nectarines, melons and figs.

seasonal and organic fruit and vegetables

Other seasonal foods in spring

It is the best time to taste fresh legumes such as broad beans , green beans, green beans or green beans and peas or peas . Besides being delicious and being able to cook these legumes in a thousand different ways, they provide us with vitamins, minerals, fiber and vegetable protein .

Typical cooking recipes in spring

Although we can enjoy fruits alone as they are at any time of the day, we can also add them to sweet cooking recipes such as cakes, cookies, cakes, smoothies, ice creams, etc.

For vegetables, we propose many different options in the blog section of salty cooking recipes .

The salads cold and warm are the queens of the table in spring and summer. They nourish and hydrate us and are also quick and easy to prepare.

The fruit skewers are a dessert, a snack or a mid-morning snack ideal for children and adults. You can complement them with a handful of nuts.

We can now start to enjoy the gazpacho and salmorejo that we like so much and that are becoming more and more appealing, especially at the end of spring.

Garlic beans, pea cream or a delicious green bean scramble.

Vegetable creams are great for light dinners or as a first course in the meal.

Sauteed, barbecued and mixed vegetables can be an extraordinary option at dinners and lunches.

And don’t forget that you can also steam your seasonal vegetables. It is the best way to cook food and reduce the loss of nutrients suffered by cooking.

Cucumbers, cabbages and turnips can be fermented and thus obtain probiotic and prebiotic foods , such as sauerkraut . A real gift for our intestinal microbiota.

During the spring, although water should be the main drink you drink, you can also incorporate herbal teas , different types of teas (hot, warm or iced) and juices to refresh and stay hydrated.


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