See what happens to these families after 1 week eating food without pesticides

Have you ever wondered if organic food is worth buying ? If you have ever had doubts about the benefits of eating organic food , now you will have more clear than ever how necessary they are to take care of your health.

We have already seen on other occasions that organic foods have higher nutrient content than conventional foods . This can be translated in many ways: that to achieve the same nutritional contribution you would have to consume more conventional food, that the fertile lands of organic crops offer better food, that organic food is healthier, etc.

It is important that you also read Pesticides: impact on the environment and our health .

Another recently published study again shows how after a week consuming organic food, several families have seen the level of pesticides in their urine reduced by 95%. 95%!

pesticides in food

The study, Organic diet intervention significantly reduces urinary pesticide levels in US children and adults , carried out by the Universities of Berkeley, San Francisco, the Commonweal Institute and Friends of the Earth, points out several points of great interest for which we want to take care of our health and ours:

  • The main source of exposure to pesticides is food
  • A diet based on organic foods reduces exposure to nicotinoids (famous for causing the alarming decline in the population of bees due, among others, to the serious damage it causes to the nervous system).
  • In the analyzed urine, up to 40 pesticides and their metabolites (a product that is obtained once the pesticides are incorporated into our body) have been found.

The objective of this study is to investigate the health impact of an organic diet through the metabolites excreted in the urine of children and adults. To do this, urine samples were collected from different families from different parts of the US before and after spending a week eating only organic food. The results : when all the samples were analyzed, a drastic reduction in pesticide levels was observed in the urine samples collected after a week of eating organic food .

What conclusion did the scientists of this study reach?

Based on the data obtained, the researchers conclude that an organic diet significantly reduces the level of pesticides in our body, both in children and adults.

In other analyzes carried out on food previously , up to 120 pesticide residues have been found .

But honestly, does anyone believe that eating foods with synthetic pesticides at least three times a day is possible that we do not accumulate them in our body and that they do not have a negative impact ? Pesticides are poisons, they are designed to poison soil organisms. More and more pesticides are used to produce “food.”

For these scientists, and for us, it is clear that a diet that leaves out food with pesticides is the only way that we do not accumulate these types of toxins in our body. And in addition, many of them, as it has been shown, are Endocrine Disruptors and are related to all kinds of health problems, from the development of tumors to infertility through neuronal diseases and malformations.

To what damages in the health are associated the pesticides found in the urine of these families?

They are associated with cancer, hormonal alterations, central nervous system problems such as reduction in cognitive functions (learning, memory …), fertility problems, among others.

The participants of this study, once they knew the results, were amazed at the amount of different pesticides they had accumulated in their body .

What is the solution? Sustainable and healthy food , grown without synthetic pesticides. An organic diet improves our general state of health.

And now … if you don’t eat organic food, you may have a question:

How many pesticides are in MY urine?

We think it is very necessary that you see the video of Friends of the Earth in which the process carried out in the study and the conclusions of some of the participants are collected:

In case the damage of pesticides to our health was not enough to avoid them, it is essential to address issues such as sustainable food production. Organic farming and agroecology are the best tools we have to produce healthy food for ourselves and nature . I will tell you in more detail in this article.

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